ZDHC in Bangalore - Information & Documents

The ZDHC Foundation collaborates with many stakeholders in the textile, leather and footwear industry. As part of this, ZDHC attends, speaks at and hosts various events throughout the year with the ultimate aim of promoting the widespread implementation of ZDHC tools, sustainable chemistry and best practices in the textile, leather and footwear industries.

This week, we will engage with the textile, leather and footwear sector in India to increase the awareness and understanding of ZDHC, the ZDHC Programme and ZDHC tools. We will do so by participating in Planet Textiles 2017 on May 24th and co-hosting The SAC & ZDHC Manufacturer Forum on May 25th - two key events being held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bangalore.

For these events, we have created some special ‘Bangalore pages’ on our website, which allow participants to access the information and materials that will be covered during ZDHC supported sessions in Bangalore. We felt that providing these resources via a dedicated website is much more environmentally friendly than printing lots of documents. All the information and resources from ZDHC sessions at Planet Textiles and the Manufacturer Forum 2017 will be on this site, and participants can access it until mid June.


We would like to start off by introducing you to the ZDHC team who will be in Bangalore. Our team is looking forward to meeting you there. They will be on hand to answer any questions you may have on ZDHC and our work.

Executive Director
Operations Director
Nany TrivitaKusuma
Programme Project Manager
Programme Project Manager
Asia Director
Platform Manager

And now to the events...

On May 24th, Planet Textiles, the leading annual summit on environmental issues for the global textile sector, tackles the issues of textile wastewater pollution, chemical management and natural resource conservation, including energy and water use. MCL News and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) have partnered to run this day, which will be filled with insightful presentations and solutions for the textile sector on the biggest challenges and opportunities with regard to sustainability. The day will comprise a mix of plenary and breakout sessions and ZDHC is delighted to be a sponsor for this event.

As part of supporting Planet Textiles 2017, ZDHC will host an afternoon breakout session in the main hall. This session will focus on how the textile industry can move towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

For participant information about this event, click here.


On Thursday May 25th, join ZDHC and the SAC as we co-host global manufacturers at the 2017 Manufacturer Forum. A combination of plenary and breakout sessions will be held in the morning, which will focus on topics such as why sustainability matters and the value of it. An overview of key SAC programmes and updates will feature, as well as discussions on the value, usage and benefits of the Higg Index as a strategic business tool.

In the afternoon, ZDHC will deliver an interactive workshop in conjunction with two of our Accredited Training Providers. A mini training session will be provided, focussed on key chemical management topics and supporting ZDHC tools.  

For participant information about this event, click here.

If you are not able to attend you can access live updates from Bangalore by following us on our Twitter Account.