ZDHC - CNTAC "Chemicals Stewardship Roadmap 2020" Implementation Workshops

Through its strategic collaboration, CNTAC and ZDHC work together on the "Chemicals Stewardship Roadmap 2020" which promotes proactive and impactful chemical management in the value chain. With a focus on the value chain of the Chinese textile industry, the objectives of our collaboration are to continuously improve the chemical and environmental management capacity in the value chain; and drive the industry wide transformation to a greener industry, green manufacturing and sustainable development at key textile industrial parks. 

In 2017, and based on the achievements and learnings from the “Early Champion” Pilot the Social Responsibility Office of CNTAC and ZDHC are jointly launching the "Chemicals Stewardship Roadmap 2020" Implementation Workshops. These workshops, are conducted under the auspices of the China Textile Information Center and the Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Workshops will be held regions where the textile industry has a strong presence. Including amongst others the Provinces of Zhejiang; Jiangsu; Fujian; Guangdong; and Shandong.

A large number of textile dyeing and printing enterprises, chemical suppliers and industrial parks are invited to attend these workshops. The objective of the workshops is to leverage the experiences and achievements from the Early Champion pilot, to scale implementation practices. Enterprises capacity for managing chemicals and their effort to become greener by upgrading chemicals management practices is actively supported.  Finally, participating enterprises are proactively helped to understand and meet the requirements of their downstream customer as well as international brands.

The Workshops are divided into:

Foundational Level Workshops are suitable for and targeted to those who haven’t attended ZDHC or ZDHC Signatory Brand organised workshops, and are not familiar with ZDHC standards and tools.

Progressive Level Workshops are suitable for and targeted to wet-processing mills who already have a basic understanding of ZDHC standards and tools, and have completed wastewater testing according to ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines or have conducted on-site chemical management audits either by ZDHC Signatory Brand or third-party. 

These Workshops focus on:

  • Policies, laws, regulations, practices progress related to chemical management;
  • Purchasing policies and requirements for value chain chemical management of major textile  brands;
  • Chemical management system and chemical management “Top 10”  issues, solutions and best practices;
  • Introduction of the ZDHC MRSL and ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines;
  • Introduction of industrial tools and applications, such as  ZDHC Gateway (Chemical Module and Wastewater Module) and CNTAC-CiE;
  • Experience and achievements obtained from the "Chemicals Stewardship Roadmap 2020" Early Champion pilot.

 These Workshops focus on:

  • Problem-solving and capacity building;
  • Input chemical management: How to declare chemical inventory, checking the ZDHC MRSL compliance status, and filling the gap to ensure compliance;
  • Input chemical management: How to push chemical suppliers’ registration in the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module;
  • Output chemical management: How to conduct wastewater testing; root cause analysis of wastewater test results and make improvements;
  • In processing chemical management: Participate in chemical management training to improve the level of chemical management so as to ensure continuous compliance with the policy implemented at suppliers of international brands.

Following these Workshops - CNTAC and ZDHC will identify and reward enterprises that demonstrate excellence in chemicals management at the "2017 Textile Sustainable Manufacturing & 5th ZDHC-CNTAC Conference on Hazardous Chemical Control" in Shanghai on October 10th 2017.

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Further information

Specific information on all these Workshops and how to register can be found here:, and on the WeChat public account of the TexSMC.

The Workshops are provided by CNTAC and ZDHC free of charge.

Workshop language: Chinese

Important note: participants will need to pay for their own travel expenses and accommodation.