5th ZDHC - CNTAC Conference An Implementation Experience | October 10 - Shanghai

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Background Information:

The China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) and the ZDHC Foundation started their dialogue about hazardous chemical control in 2012, and in 2016 announced a strategic collaboration to improve chemical management across the textile value chain in China. 

Since 2013 CNTAC and ZDHC have also co-hosted the joint conference on hazardous chemical control, which over the years has attracted stakeholders worldwide from global leading brands, key supply chain players, technical institutions, governmental bodies as well as NGOs.  

Each year the conference aims to promote consensus and collaborative actions of the hazardous chemical control and environmental governance in the global textile value chain and to share best practice and innovation to explore common but differentiated responsibility on hazardous chemical control and environmental improvement in the textile industry.

CNTAC and ZDHC objectives are to empower positive energy into environmental protection and sustainability. In 2016, over 700 participants from the industry joined in the 4th Annual Conference.

2017 Conference Highlights:

Progress and milestones regarding hazardous chemical control after six years

  • Chemical management position in China environmental protection and the upcoming policy;

  • China government’s incentive policy regarding chemical management;

  • The drive towards hazardous chemical control

Best Practice from the value chain regarding hazardous chemical control

  • ZDHC Signatory Brands’ ZDHC implementation strategy and action;

  • ZDHC Signatory Brand’s sourcing strategy which reflect the importance of ZDHC compliance;

  • Early Champions' action - Chemical Industry/Textile Industry/Synthetic Leather Industry;

  • Innovation in technology for chemical management.

Current remaining issues and 2018 orientation

  • 2017, what worked and what didn’t - issues and challenges;

  • Discussion among all stakeholders on potential solutions;

  • What should we do in 2018?



Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:00Introduction to the day

CNTAC:Hu Kehua
ZDHC:Lydia Lin

Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:10Opening Remark

Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:10:Opening Remark


Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:20:Opening Remark

CNTAC:Sun Ruizhe

Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:30:Opening Remark

ZDHC:Frank Michel

Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:40Keynote Speeches

Venue: Grand Ball Room

09:40:Chemical Environmental Management China policy perspective


Venue: Grand Ball Room

10:00:DMF reduction policy relevant finance incentive policy

CPASL:Tian Jinyan

10:20:ZDHC Brand Sourcing Strategy which reflect the importance of ZDHC compliance

C&A:Adam Brennan

Venue: Grand Ball Room

11:00:ZDHC-CNTAC Chemical Stewardship Roadmap 2020 project 2016 & 2017

CNTAC:Hu Kehua
ZDHC:Lydia Lin

Venue: Grand Ball Room

11:20How to effectively conduct input chemical control?

Venue: Grand Ball Room

11:20:ZDHC Programme & ZDHC Gateway Chemical Module

ZDHC:Frank Michel

Venue: Grand Ball Room

11:40:CiE system application for better supply chain chemical management

CNTAC:Hu Kehua

Venue: Grand Ball Room

12:00Lunch - Buffet

Venue: Buffet Zone

14:00How to effectively conduct input chemical control?

Venue: Grand Ball Room

14:00:ZDHC Brand strategy on Chemical Gateway/MRSL implementation and experience sharing

Levi's:Manuel Baigorri Soneiro

Venue: Grand Ball Room

14:20:Early Champion mills’ action towards hazardous chemical control—Chemical industry, Textile industry, Synthetic Leather industry


Venue: Grand Ball Room

15:05:Panel discussion: Implementation pilot on DMF phase out on Synthetic Leather industry


Venue: Grand Ball Room

15:35How to effectively conduct output chemical control?

Venue: Grand Ball Room

15:35:ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines

ZDHC:Nany TrivitaKusuma

Venue: Grand Ball Room

15:55:ZDHC Brand’s strategy on Wastewater guidelines implementation and experience sharing


Venue: Grand Ball Room

16:15:Early Champion mills’ action towards hazardous chemical control—Textile industry, Synthetic Leather industry

16:45How to effectively conduct in processing chemical control for continuously chemical management?

Venue: Grand Ball Room

16:45:Chemical management FEM 3.0

C&A:Mitsuko Wong

Venue: Grand Ball Room

17:00:ZDHC Academy

TESCO:Carmen Chan

Venue: Grand Ball Room

17:15:Technology Innovation


Venue: Grand Ball Room

17:30Panel Discussion- Collaboration along value chain

Venue: Grand Ball Room

18:00Network & Cocktail

Venue: Cocktail lounge

About the Hosts:



The ZDHC Foundation


In 2011, the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme was formed to reduce and eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals for all products and all pathways in their value chains. The purpose of the ZDHC Foundation (formed as a legal entity in 2015) is to promote, govern and oversee the implementation of programmes, projects and activities for the widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in the textile, apparel and footwear industries. The ZDHC Programme is currently comprised of 70 Contributors from Signatory Brands to Value Chain organisations to not for profit Associations, who are key influencers in those industries.

The China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

CNTAC is a guidance institution and the interests representative of all textile-related industries in China. To minimise significant adverse impacts on human health and the environment of the textile industry in China, CNTAC created the “Chemicals Stewardship 2020” initiative, initiated by Office for Social Responsibility of CNTAC and supported by CTIC in 2016.  Chemicals Stewardship 2020 Initiative is a cross-industry policy framework, action plan and mechanism and has as its overall objective the achievement of the continuous improvement in and achievement of good chemical management throughout the textile supply chain so that, by 2020, chemical management and risk control systems will be widely established by the Chinese textile and apparel industry.

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Pullman Shanghai South is the conveniently located near the South Xujiahui Business Circle, Caohejing High Tech Park and Shanghai South Railway Station. It is just 20 minutes by car from Hongqiao Airport and 40 minutes from Pudong Airport.

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The ZDHC-CNTAC Conference is reliant upon sponsors. 

If you are interested in sponsoring this Conference, please contact CNTAC Mr. Zhai Yunpeng at for more information. 

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Lydia Lin

Asia Director | ZDHC