Support your suppliers’ efforts to source more sustainably

In order to monitor the progress of your ZDHC commitments, you need visibility into the specific chemicals used throughout your extended value chain, their origins and the levels to which their Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) compliance can be assured.

Tracing your chemical value chain from formulators to mills and then chemical products is a convoluted and data intensive initiative. Combining audit and testing information adds another level of complexity to assessing the ecological and human risk of chemicals throughout your supply base.

The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module helps by providing you and your suppliers with insight into your MRSL compliance. Designed to help brands and suppliers navigate the complex patchwork of Brand RSL compliance and accreditation, the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module provides the information needed to support strategic procurement decisions and underpin your business commitments.

The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module helps you:

  • Strengthen relationships by collaborating with suppliers to achieve transparency and improvement across your value chain
  • Measure and further progress towards industry goals and commitments
  • Save time reporting to multiple stakeholder groups by implementing one consistent, accessible methodology across your value chain
  • Monitor chemical logistics and purchases to improve the selection and availability of safe formulations
  • Address chemical management usage and application
  • Eliminate the burden of capturing and comparing inventory, audit and test data

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