The ZDHC Programme is pleased to share the Joint Roadmap Update - a clear and strategic effort to tightly focus programme efforts and resources. The update transitions programme efforts from seven workstreams into four focus areas to strategically support all elements of the supply chain in adopting improved chemical management practices.

From technical and organizational perspectives, we have made significant strides over the last four years, including releasing the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List and Audit Protocols, establishing a standalone ZDHC legal entity based in Amsterdam and effectively strengthening the organisation as well as the ZDHC Programme. This Joint Roadmap update builds on ZDHC successes to date and defines the path forward for the next five years.

Joint Roadmap Update
Joint Roadmap Update Press Release

Initially released in 2011, the roadmap included a preliminary work plan to organise and set a path towards addressing the challenge of zero discharge by 2020. Based on lessons learned during implementation, subsequent updates have refined and focused ZDHC efforts to drive momentum towards zero discharge. This stage of collaborative evolution moves the group clearly from the development of foundational tools into the territory of tool implementation.

We are grateful to all ZDHC partners who have supported us in developing this ambitious plan. Our goal remains more important than ever, contributing to a cleaner environment and laying the foundation for expanding environmental accountability.