Wastewater Quality

Water efficiency is a critical aspect of sustainable and environmentally-conscious manufacturing. While there have been efforts to create regulations by individual governments, brands and even multi-brand consortia, there still exists no single industry-standard guideline that covers all discharge criteria. 

The ZDHC Programme is creating a new standard in wastewater discharge that goes beyond regulatory compliance to ensure wastewater discharge does not adversely affect the environment and surrounding communities. 

As a first step towards this, the programme published a literature review of current wastewater discharge standards applicable to the textile industry.This study established a baseline on which to develop a revised global industry guideline. 

The ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines set a unified expectation on wastewater quality for the entire textile and footwear industry and are available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Read more about them hereor download the Guidelines in English below, for the Simplified Chinese Version, please click here

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