Conform to ZDHC industry standards to reduce hazardous chemical use

As a textile, leather and footwear supplier, you are increasingly being asked to disclose chemical management activities in different formats with varying deadlines.

Whether reporting on management processes, responding to audits, or measuring your chemical compliance against multiple Manufacturing Restricted Substance Lists (MRSLs), you may be struggling to track data, and share Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and certification information with organisations.

The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module helps, enabling you to search for chemical information with one online system to source safer chemicals and replace non-conformant chemicals.

With the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module, you can:

  • Choose safer chemical options
  • Search ZDHC MRSL conformant chemicals and product information
  • Access full product details 
  • Invite formulators to disclose chemical information

You will demonstrate continuous improvement to customers and stakeholders, and ensure your information is maintained to the high standards required by brands and retailers.

Sign up today to track your ZDHC MRSL conformance progress.**

**The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module is currently accepting registration from ZDHC Community members only. Signing up here is for subscription to ZDHC updates.

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