Streamline the process of uploading and sharing test results

If your company tests wastewater discharge, you may be overwhelmed by the administrative burden of responding to continuous requests for results. The ZDHC Gateway – Wastewater Module enables you to manage and publish results in one secure* web-based tool. Your customers can easily access their results, enabling you to focus on other priorities.

The ZDHC Gateway – Wastewater Module provides multiple options for easily uploading your data. Upload directly into the online tool; bulk upload data stored in multiple formats across multiple locations; or engage our assisted services to aggregate and standardise for you.*

Your customers can share their results with stakeholders, providing transparency and advancing the industry.

The ZDHC Gateway – Wastewater Module helps you:

  • Eliminate the need for responding to individual requests
  • Share information rapidly
  • Enhance customer interactions

As a leader in ensuring environmental and community safety, apply to become a ZDHC Provisional Accepted Laboratory here. 

ZDHC Contributor

NON ZDHC Contributor

**The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module and Wastewater Module are powered by ADEC Innovations

*While an open interface, the ZDHC Gateway – Wastewater Module is secure, allowing only registered suppliers, labs and brands to see test results. Labs will only see data they uploaded themselves.


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