Help lead the industry to advance towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals

If your company manufactures chemicals for the apparel, leather and footwear industry, you may be overwhelmed by the administrative burden of responding to requests for certification and documentation information from existing and potential customers.

The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module empowers you to manage and publish your data for ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL)-compliant chemical suppliers and products in our secure*, multilingual, web-based search tool.

Your existing customers can easily search your ZDHC MRSL-compliant formulations. You can also add virtual catalogues, providing visibility to buyers looking for suitable substitutes and enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions.

The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module helps you: 

  • Reduce the need to submit chemical and conformance information one-by-one 
  • Share information rapidly
  • Expand reach with easily located ZDHC MRSL-compliant product ranges
  • Enhance customer interactions

Sign up today to position your company as a leader in a drive towards transparency and the adoption of safe chemistries.**

*While an open interface, the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module is secure, allowing only registered suppliers, facilities and brands to see your catalogue of formulations and corresponding certification information. No other chemical companies will have access to your product data. 

**The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module is currently accepting registration from ZDHC Community members only. Signing up here is for subscription to ZDHC updates.

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