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The ZDHC Programme is a collaboration of 27 signatory brands, 85 value chain affiliates and 18 associates. The Programme is open to organisations of different sizes and types and there are different contribution levels for organisations involved in the textile, leather and footwear industries.

The three contributor categories are:

  1. Signatory Brands – Open to brands and retailers.

  2. Value Chain Affiliates – Open to the textile, leather and footwear industries and related chemical industry and other  solution providers.

  3. Associates – Open to industry associations, NGOs and institutional partners such as government, institutions or academia.

Benefits of Joining

As a ZDHC Contributor you will be able to :

  • Stay ahead of legal and regulatory developments with regards to chemical management.
  • Work as part of a collaboration, developing and implementing ZDHC products and tools.
  • Access ZDHC tools and products.
  • Access chemical management and industry expertise.
  • Network and be associated with leading brands learning and sharing best practices on chemical management and tool applications and implementation.
  • Create leadership visibility for your organisation by being part of ZDHC, driving transformative industry change.

How to Join

If your organisation shares our vision, supports our goals and is willing to collaborate in order to achieve transformative industry-wide change we encourage you to consider joining the ZDHC Programme.

Next Steps

Interested in knowing more about joining us as a Contributor? Please email us at and we gladly send you more information with all the key details that you need to know.