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Would you like to get involved in the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme? There are different ways to do so.

You can go to the ZDHC Academy to participate in a ZDHC training session that is delivered by one of our ZDHC Accredited Training Providers. Find safer chemistry options on the ZDHC Gateway or show your ZDHC MRSL Conformance by downloading  the ZDHC ChemCheck Product Passport. But you can also become an active part of the ZDHC Community by either joining as a ZDHC Contributor or a Friend of ZDHC. The differences and benefits are outlined below. 

ZDHC Contributor

A Contributor is a company or other organisation (e.g. not for profit entity) that commits to the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme and “contributes” to the development of it financially and importantly, non financially, by way of actively engaging in Programme working groups and activities.

Friend of ZDHC

The Friends of ZDHC concept is for brands or retailers wanting to learn more about ZDHC and/or are at an early stage of implementing sustainable chemical management frameworks and wish to use and implement ZDHC tools and standards to support their journey.

A Friend of ZDHC aligns with the ZDHC Mission, Vision and Purpose, and would like to access and use ZDHC tools rather than engaging in the development of them by participating in the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme as Contributors do.

Currently there are 150 contributors (30 brands, 102 value chain affiliates, and 18 associates) within the sports, fashion, luxury and outdoor industry, for a full list click here. We're still building our Friends of ZDHC network and are delighted to have FAST RETAILING CO. LTD., ISA-Traesko GmbH and VAUDE Sport GmbH as our inaugural Friends. 

Benefit Comparison

Next Steps

Interested in knowing more about joining us as a Contributor or a Friend? Please email us at and we gladly send you more information with all the key details that you need to know.