ZDHC Clearstream

Clean up your wastewater

The globally-accepted wastewater reporting and benchmarking instrument  


Proof of performance

Tangible proof of good wastewater management

What's in a ClearStream report?

ClearStream is a visual, easy-to-read report of a supplier's wastewater performance, as tested against the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines. It provides a clear, globally-accepted standard for wastewater reporting and facilitates better output control. ClearStream makes it easy to understand the impact of wastewater management parameters and to see where improvements can be made.


A ZDHC Solution

Powered by the ZDHC Gateway

Chemical Module is the world’s first verified database of safer chemistry for the apparel and footwear industry. It helps facilities to evaluate the ZDHC MRSL conformance level of chemical formulations used in production processes and find safer alternatives.

Wastewater Module is a global online platform for facilities to register and share their wastewater test data. The platform helps facilities to benchmark their conformance towards ZDHC's Wastewater Guidelines and share data with their customers.

ZDHC InCheck is an easy-to-read performance report that demonstrates the ZDHC MRSL conformance of a facility’s chemical inventory. It can be shared with all customers and is accepted by leading brands.

ZDHC ChemCheck is a product passport of chemical formulations that verifies ZDHC MRSL conformance. Chemical formulators should share this report with their customers.

ZDHC ClearStream is an easy-to-read facility performance report of ZDHC wastewater conformance that is accepted by leading brands. It can be shared with all customers to avoid duplicative testing.


What's in it for you?

  1. Reporting in an easy-to-read, visual format
  2. Suppliers can demonstrate output control to customers
  3. Save resources by reducing duplicative testing
  4. Wastewater performance is directly visible on ZDHC Public Disclosure Portal "Detox.Live"
  5. Easy data access and performance data sharing for brands

The benefits

How Clearstream makes a difference for your organisation

Laboratories upload wastewater data onto the ZDHC Gateway - Wastewater Module on behalf of a supplier. When a supplier accepts that data, it becomes visible to their customers on the platform. As such, laboratories play an important gatekeeper role and help to ensure data consistency. To be a part of this cycle, a laboratory must be ZDHC Accepted. Earning this status signifies that it has the right personnel, equipment and processes to analyse wastewater and sludge samples in accordance with the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines.


Brands can directly access their supplier's ClearStream report on the ZDHC Gateway - Wastewater Module. They can see how well a supplier performs, which helps them getting deeper insights on their value chain. Brands can get verified and deep insights on manufacturing impact in their value chains.


A ClearStream report supports suppliers to easily understand their wastewater performance towards the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines. Its simple, easy-to-read format makes it easy to share with brand customers, and to highlight any progress with wastewater management. Suppliers also get guidance on opportunities to improve, so they can target their actions and resources. A supplier's performance is also visible on the Detox.Live platform.


A common language

As sustainable textile and leather production grows in importance. Suppliers need to really understand their manufacturing impact and control their wastewater quality. In many cases they are asked by their customers to demonstrate actions have been taken and what continuous improvement looks like.

Complicated report formats don't do the job in this scenario. What's needed is a clear, understandable way for all parties to communicate and stop duplicative wastewater testing. ClearStream reports are that vital link. They provide useable information are tied to a pre-defined testing cycle, and make it easier to protect waterways all over the world.


All parties win

ClearStream helps the entire industry. Suppliers can get significant cost savings by cutting out the need to re-test for each client. It also helps them identify hazardous discharge and reduce wastewater contamination. Brands benefit with simplified compliance procedures and one central point for all suppliers' wastewater test results. They also get reliable wastewater performance data, which supports sustainable sourcing practices, and can be shared with customers and other stakeholders. Laboratories can contribute to the testing and data activities behind every ClearStream report. They can strive for ZDHC Acceptance and take their place as a key element of this process.


Report highlights

Features of a ZDHC ClearStream Report
Supplier details

Detailed performance breakdown for ZDHC MRSL and Conventional Parameters

Supplier details

Detailed performance breakdown for ZDHC MRSL and Conventional Parameters

Level indication

Detailed test results and colour coding indicate level of conformance

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How to get this report

ClearStream reports are generated via the ZDHC Gateway. Here are the steps to getting your report.


Step one

Engage a ZDHC Accepted Laboratory to conduct testing


Step two

When data is uploaded by the laboratory, and accepted, it will appear on the ZDHC Gateway


Step three

Retrieve your ClearStream report and share it with relevant stakeholders