Continuous Growth of Companies committing to the ZDHC Programme and Safer Chemical Management

We're delighted to announce that seven new organisations join the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme and in doing so, support the Programme’s vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in the textile, leather and footwear industry to protect consumers, workers and the environment.  

By joining the ZDHC Programme, all organisations commit to working collaboratively on the development and implementation of ZDHC tools. These include a  Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), Chemical Guidance Sheets and Wastewater Guidelines and two new platforms: the ZDHC Academy - which provides brands and manufacturers with ZDHC certified training about chemical management and the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module and Wastewater Module.

“I’m delighted to see continued growth and ongoing support and the commitment from the textile, leather and footwear industry.” says ZDHC Executive Director Frank Michel.

“To achieve the industry wide change, we all need to work together collaboratively, because no one brand or supplier can achieve the change alone and by acting in isolation”

The ZDHC Programme began in 2011 with six leading brands and today consists of a total of 63 contributors, that are divided into three categories - 23 Signatory Brands, 27 Value Chain Affiliates and 13 Associates.

The newest contributor in the Signatory Brand category:

  • HUGO BOSS, one of the market leaders in the upper premium segment of the global apparel market. In its membership, the company sees a large lever for further mitigating environmental impacts in the production process, for its own production sites as well as for the collaboration with its partners.

Joining as Value Chain Affiliates are:

  • Dr. Petry Textile Auxiliaries, an established chemical company produces chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry for more than 40 years. Their special fields are finishing products and yarn lubricants, but their product range also includes auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing, printing, coating and garment finishing.

  • TFL, a globally operating company producing specialty chemicals for the leather industry and related industries. TFL offers its products and innovative solutions to tanneries, leather processing companies and coaters always striving to introduce fresh ideas on the market.

  • UL Consumer & Retail Services helps manufacturers and retailers in every aspect of the supply chain and production process, from raw materials to sales transactions, to better manage risks and deliver products that are safe, socially responsible and compliant with industry and brand specifications.

Joining as Associate are:

  • The Association TEGEWA represents chemical producers based in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland - which manufacture in the field of textile, leather and fur auxiliaries, colorants and allied products.

  • ETAD is an association of international colorant manufacturers and started its collaboration with ZDHC right from the programme’s foundation, now they will continue to provide its input as an associate contributor.

  • The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), assists the Taiwan textile industries in coping with the challenges presented by the ever-changing economic and trade environment.

To read more about the ZDHC Programme and its tools, see here.