Six New Organisations join the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme

Today, the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme welcomes six new companies as ZDHC Contributors. With the additional organisations, ZDHC now consists of 92 contributors, divided into brands, value chain affiliates and associates.

By joining ZDHC, the organisations commit to a strengthened responsibility towards better chemical management practices and the adoption and implementation of ZDHC Tools. These include amongst others the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) and the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines.

Additionally, the four organisations joining in the Chemical Industry Category are also registered with public products in the ZDHC Gateway Chemical Module. The ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module is the first compatible ZDHC data exchange platform that enables chemical formulators to securely share chemical information in-line with the ZDHC standards and tools.

“I am delighted to have the six companies joining our Programme,” says Frank Michel, ZDHC Executive Director. “With Target, we join forces with a leading US retailer and are looking forward to their essential input and expertise from the retailing perspective. Further, I am excited to see that our geographical scope continues to expand with NICCA CHEMICAL as the first ZDHC Contributor based in Japan.”

The new Contributors join as follows:

Joining as a Signatory Brand is:

  • The Minneapolis-based Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) which serves guests at 1,826 stores and at Since 1946, Target has given 5 percent of its profit to communities, which today equals millions of dollars a week. For a behind-the-scenes look at Target, visit

Joining as a Value Chain Affiliates are:

From the Chemical Industry

  • FGL International SpA, was set up specifically to produce auxiliary chemical tanning products for wet-end with a high added value. FGL International has a flexible production structure composed of qualified professionals designed to operate efficiently on the various international markets. FGL International is headquartered in Italy.

  • LANXESS, is a leading specialty chemicals company. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. LANXESS is headquartered in Germany.

  • NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD, is a provider of surface-science agents for textile processing for the past 76 years. They offer a systematic chemical solution for the entire process of fabric manufacturing, including scouring, dyeing, and finishing.NICCA CHEMICAL is the first ZDHC Contributor based in Japan.

  • S&D CHEMICALS, is a chemical manufacturing company which processes amongst others synthesis, intermediates and ready-to-use products in the fields of textile auxiliaries, garment wet processing, cleaning & sanitation auxiliaries for health care & hospitality and food processing. S&D CHEMICALS is based in Sri Lanka.

From the Textile Industry

  • Trueway Corp. is a vertically integrated manufacturer of quality fabrics achieved using complete knitting, dyeing and finishing processes.  Throughout its history, Trueway has maintained the entirety of its production in Taiwan, allowing for direct oversight and control of the production process. Trueway is headquartered in Taiwan.

ZDHC was founded in 2011 by six leading brands and today consists of 92 contributors, divided into three categories - 24 Signatory Brands, 53 Value Chain Affiliates and 15 Associates. Learn more here...