The ZDHC Chemical Gateway - Explore the New Dimension of ZDHC MRSL Conformance on November 8 in Shanghai

Those attending the 4th ZDHC-CNTAC Conference on Hazardous Chemical Control & Sustainable Manufacturing in Shanghai on November 8 in Shanghai, will receive hands-on experience of the much anticipated ZDHC Chemical Gateway.

The ZDHC Chemical Gateway, formerly known as the ZDHC Chemical Registry, is a game changer for sustainable manufacturing in the textile and footwear industry. It is the world’s first database of safer chemistry to assist brands, suppliers and chemical producers make better sourcing decisions.

The ZDHC Programme, a collaboration of brands and value-chain affiliates, is driving the creation of the platform with technology partner, ADEC Innovations.

One of the key ways the ZDHC Programme is working to eliminate hazardous chemicals is through its Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), a standard which sets limits on the use of key chemicals in the manufacturing process.  

The creation of the ZDHC MRSL was hailed as a milestone, moving the entire industry forward towards safer chemical use. However one of the challenges suppliers still face in working to conform to this standard is knowing where to go, and who to trust, when it comes to safer chemistry claims.

The ZDHC Chemical Gateway addresses this with a simple, online search tool that shows the level to which a chemical buyer can be confident a product conforms with the ZDHC MRSL. This measure is based on third-party product accreditation standards and options available in the market. 

“Creating this sort of system doesn’t happen overnight,” says ZDHC Executive Director Frank Michel.

“But it will be invaluable in providing clear, easily-accessible information on whether a chemical conforms with the ZDHC MRSL.”

Currently, the ZDHC Chemical Gateway is being refined with input from selected companies who are assisting to test the platform to ensure it’s effective and scalable. During the ZDHC - CNTAC Conference on Hazardous Chemical Control & Sustainable Manufacturing, held in Shanghai on November 8, up to 1000 suppliers will be invited to engage with the platform.

Following this event, in late November, up to 30 suppliers will be invited to participate in the platform’s final stage of testing.

“We will be inviting companies to apply to volunteer in this final stage of testing, and will be looking for a range of companies - from small regional suppliers, to larger multinationals,” says Michel.

The ZDHC Gateway will be made available to the public early 2017. To stay posted for updates, subscribe here.

For more information on the ZDHC - CNTAC Conference on Hazardous Chemicals & Sustainable Manufacturing, see here.