ZDHC Contributor Base continues to grow

Today, nine organisations join the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, a coalition of over 100 contributors, working together on the implementation of safer chemistry practices to protect consumers, workers and the environment.

As ZDHC Contributors, the organisations commit to working collaboratively on the development and implementation of ZDHC Tools. These include, amongst others, the ZDHC e-Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC e-MRSL), the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines and the newly published ZDHC Wastewater Treatment Technologies document.

The ZDHC Wastewater Treatment Technologies document is intended to motivate wet processing facilities and elevate their knowledge to implement the necessary treatment systems in order to meet the requirements of the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines. Download the document here.

With the additional nine organisations, the ZDHC Community of Contributors now consists of 107 organisations, divided into three categories - 24 Signatory Brands, 67 Value Chain Affiliates and 16 Associates.

The new contributors will join as follows:

Joining as Value Chain Affiliates:

Solution Providers:

Eurofins, is the world leader in food, environmental and pharmaceutical product testing, and whilst ranking among the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, and discovery pharmacology, is also one of the key emerging players in consumer product testing, softlines and leather including chemical management and testing services. Eurofins is headquartered in Luxembourg.

As an international testing and certification company, Hermes Hansecontrol Group is present in eight locations in Europe and Asia. The company, headquartered in Hamburg, supports its customers in all questions of quality assurance: from the creation of requirement profiles through product testing during production and pre-market trials, to individual risk minimisation concepts.

TESTEX is a globally operating, independent Swiss testing and certification organisation with a focus on textile and leather testing. Founded in 1846 and originally known as the “Seidentrocknungsanstalt Zurich”, the TESTEX Group now operates more than 20 branches with more than 200 employees worldwide (including TESTEX and OETI) from its head office in Zurich. TESTEX is a member institute of the OEKO-TEX® Association and is the official representative in Australia, Canada, the P.R. China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan.


Textile & Footwear Industry:

Albini Group is an Italian textiles company, aimed to manufacture the most beautiful shirting fabrics, embracing the culture of quality, innovation and Made in Italy excellence. Every single step of the creation of a fabric becomes an opportunity to innovate, thanks to the vertically integrated supply chain and advanced technologies. Albini Group preserves a circular economy in order to be as sustainable as possible, monitoring every stage of the supply chain with vertical integration and traceability, from cotton selection to finished fabrics. Albini Group is headquartered in Albino, Italy.

CIEL Textile is a world-class global player in textile and garments operations, spanning across Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh. CIEL Textile has developed into a regional one-stop shop for textiles, with vertically integrated business units, from yarn spinning to finished garments. We strongly believe that sustainable manufacturing is a continuous improvement journey and can only be achieved through a firm leadership commitment and daily actions of our people. We focus on developing and nurturing a strong sense of responsibility amongst our teams so they can drive a positive change for all our stakeholders. CIEL Textile is headquartered in Mauritius.

NAHAR GROUP OF COMPANIES was founded in 1949 and believes in Sustainability. It is one of the leading textile companies in India having approximately 8,00,000 Spindles, Weaving, Processing, Denim, Knitting and Garmenting capacities along with a Retail Business. In addition, Nahar Group is diversifying into new areas and is engaged into Sugar Manufacturing, BOPP film, Power Generation (Solar Power, Wind Mills and Non-Conventional Co- Generation Power Plant etc). NAHAR GROUP OF COMPANIES is headquartered in Ludhiana, India.

Raymond UCO Denim Pvt Ltd is a formidable combination of advanced manufacturing and global market reach. The company entered the world of Denim in 1996 in collaboration with an Italian firm. The business manufactures and markets a wide range of high end fashion denim fabrics and garments for major global and Indian brands and retailers. Raymond is headquartered in Thane, India.

Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY is a reference point in the sector of Italian-made warp knit fabrics for sportswear, ready-to-wear, swimwear and underwear markets. The Company has a vertically integrated cycle, from knitting to dyeing, through finishing and printing. From 2007 EUROJERSEY embarked on the challenge of a sustainable production project inspired by a corporate vision shared by the entire EUROJERSEY team with the mission to convert costs into values thanks to investments into state-of-art machineries, also resulting in a lower environmental impact. Sensitive® Fabrics is headquartered in Caronno Pertusella, Italy.

Joining as Associate is:

AQC (Association for Quality Assurance of Leather Bracelets Manufacturers) is a Swiss-based international association of leather bracelets manufacturers for the watch industry. The association was officially established in June 2014 by the five main bracelet manufacturers. Its members represent more than 80% of the premium worldwide production for the Watch Industry. AQC is headquartered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.


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