ZDHC Foundation Appoints Implementation Director

The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation announces today that Dr. Christina Raab has joined the ZDHC Management team as Implementation Director. This nomination comes at a time when ZDHC is gaining momentum to become the global centre of excellence in responsible chemical management for the textile, footwear and leather industries.


“Over the past two years we have worked to achieve a future-proof programme and best-in-class, innovative offerings, that lead the industry towards zero discharge and the use of more sustainable chemistry”, says Frank Michel, Executive Director of the ZDHC Foundation.

“As we enter the next phase of our journey towards large-scale implementation driving global impact, I’m very excited to welcome Christina Raab to our leadership team as Implementation Director. She brings the right combination of expertise, network and passion to drive the wide-spread uptake and globalisation of our activities.”


With over a decade of experience in managing sustainability in leadership positions at non-profit and consultancy organisations – partly in the apparel and footwear industry – Christina Raab will have overall responsibility for ZDHC’s implementation activities. This includes oversight of the ZDHC Academy as well as establishing new collaboration and partnership models. Her role also foresees business and grant development to support further growth of the organisation.


“Collaboration, innovation and transparency across the global apparel, textile and leather value chains are essential to achieve meaningful sustainability improvements and scalable impact”, adds Christina Raab.

“I am truly delighted to join the ZDHC team and to work globally with all relevant partners and stakeholders to help driving sustainable chemistry and innovations as well as best practices in our industry.”


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