ZDHC launches Implementation HUB to accelerate global programme adoption and support the value chain with tailor-made solutions

The ZDHC Foundation launches today its Implementation HUB which takes the scaling of chemical and environmental management best practices to the next level and accelerates impact along the value chains of the textile, apparel, footwear and leather industries. The official launch is part of the first “Friends of ZDHC” event that gathers the family of ZDHC Contributors and the wider community of brands, retailers, supply chain partners and leading sector organisations who reference or endorse the ZDHC approaches.

Today’s launch of the ZDHC Implementation HUB marks the entering of a new phase for the ZDHC Foundation. Over the past years ZDHC has put in place a future-proof Roadmap to Zero Programme with best in class guidance and tools that lead the industry towards zero discharge and the use of more sustainable chemistry. ZDHC has tripled the number of Contributors over the past two years and continues to gain momentum and uptake on a global scale. To further enable the transformation of the sector towards sustainable chemistry and related environmental performance, the Implementation HUB will be the vehicle to drive continuous improvements and progress around ZDHC-centric topics.

Under the ZDHC Implementation HUB industry-leading and holistic service offerings are available for brands, retailers and manufacturers in the areas of baselining, strategy setting and implementation. These support services are conducted by leading industry experts that are accredited by ZDHC to ensure the highest level of competency and quality. Hereby, the HUB bundles and leverages the existing industry expertise and offers a platform to find and match with accredited experts for chemical and environmental management projects.

For ZDHC Contributors this setup also offers support to continuously improve in ZDHC’s newly introduced Leader Programme, the benchmarking, progress and monitoring framework of the Roadmap to Zero Programme at brand and facility level.

Another function that the ZDHC Implementation HUB aims at fulfilling is to provide a piloting environment for scalable innovation scenarios and enabling tangible improvements on the ground in producing countries by large-scale implementation projects.

Frank Michel, Executive Director at ZDHC, says “the Implementation HUB is a natural progression as we enter the next phase of the ZDHC journey towards large-scale implementation driving global impact. It is an essential element to help implement and drive continuous improvements. This setup will allow us to translate our Programme excellence into global value chain impact, to further strengthen industry expertise and to deepen alliances at country level.”

Dr Christina Raab, Implementation Director at ZDHC, and responsible for the ZDHC Implementation HUB says, “by launching the Implementation HUB today we are coming full circle at ZDHC: from a leading Programme with forefront industry guidance and innovative tools, to a global training Academy to build knowledge and skills, and now to integrated and accredited services available to the entire industry community. I am excited that with the Implementation HUB we have a setup to not only support our family of Contributors but also to engage our “Friends” in the wider industry community”.

The ZDHC Implementation HUB is incorporated in the Netherlands with worldwide activities. It will see the building of regional and local capabilities and an international eco-system of accredited experts. The implementation specific services will be deeply anchored in the respective country context to assure the strongest impact in supply chains. The first projects under the Implementation HUB will begin in January 2018 with individual ZDHC signatory brands and at country level with an initial focus on Italy, India and China.

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