ZDHC Opens Second Round of Accredited Training Provider Applications

Today, ZDHC is opening its 2018 application phase for interested and qualified organisations and their trainers to become ZDHC Accredited Training Providers. Following the first round of application in 2016, ZDHC is looking for additional training providers to support the expansion of ZDHC certified training globally through the ZDHC Academy to all apparel, textile, footwear and leather sourcing, trading and retail regions.

The ZDHC Academy is the globally recognised, neutral training platform for sustainable chemicals management, related innovation topics and ZDHC implementation for the apparel, textile, footwear and leather industry. It currently provides in-person or blended training sessions in local languages in over 20 countries on introduction to chemical management (basic and advanced), top 10 chemical management issues, and introduction to wastewater management. Trainings are conducted by so-called ZDHC Accredited Training Providers that undergo a rigorous vetting process in terms of experience, expertise and didactics.

Since the launch of the ZDHC Academy in 2017, more than 35 ZDHC certified chemical management trainings have been delivered across 10 countries to nearly 700 industry participants by seven Accredited Training Providers.

“The ZDHC Academy is entering an exciting stage of scale, with additional training materials under development and an expanded scope of regions and audiences, from textile mills and tanneries, to brands, retailers and policy makers”, says Dr. Christina Raab, ZDHC Implementation Director. “Strong training partnerships of highest expertise and quality are key to successfully building and growing capacity of the industry at large.”


ZDHC is calling on and inviting all interested parties worldwide to submit their application to become ZDHC Accredited Training Providers by Friday, 18th of May 2018, 23:59 Central European Time (CET).

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Further information on the ZDHC Academy can be found here

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