ZDHC Training Courses in Bangladesh, Vietnam, India & Italy

Last week, ZDHC officially launched its much anticipated Training Academy designed to empower all actors across the value chain to improve their knowledge and skills on safer chemical management.

The first course on offer is An Introduction to Chemical Management in the Textile Industry and is aimed at manufacturers and suppliers.

Going forward, ZDHC will provide accredited training modules in up to 20 countries and expand to include additional courses and e-learning possibilities.

Currently, while all courses are administered via the platform, in person courses are offered by the following training providers: Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH, NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt. Ltd, Process Factory srl, Sustainable Textile Solutions.

The ZDHC Training Schedule for March is as follows:

  • March 1 - 2, Dhaka/Bangladesh
  • March 15 - 16, Dhaka/Bangladesh
  • March 16 - 17, Ho Chi Minh/Vietnam
  • March 16 - 17, Thane/India
  • March 22 - 23, Como/Italy

The launch of ZDHC Training is pivotal in moving the objective of the Programme from development of tools to implementation.

“Developing safer chemical management standards is one thing,” says ZDHC Training Co-lead, Carmen Chan Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, TESCO.

“But to truly eliminate hazardous chemicals, the next step is to educate and support those working in mills, factories and even within brands, to understand how to implement these standards.”

To sign up for ZDHC Training, click here.