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Five More Companies Sign Up as ZDHC Contributors

January 6, 2020

We are delighted to announce that five new companies have joined our community.

We are delighted to announce that five new companies have joined our community. As ZDHC Contributors, each will play a crucial role in supporting the Roadmap to Zero Programme. These are exciting times for ZDHC. With three new companies from the chemical industry and two new solution providers on board, the Contributor base is further enriched. Developments like this will further accelerate ZDHC’s impact in 2020.


Chemical Industry:

Buckman International is an industry leader in microorganism-control programmes and hide-preservation solutions for the leather industry and offers a full range of beamhouse and wet-end chemistries.  They are equipped with the latest advanced data analysis, patented innovations and eco-friendly chemistries, to help measurably improve tannery’s operations and promote long-term sustainability and growth.

Modern Dyestuffs & Pigments Co., Ltd.,  is a leading global manufacturer of performance dyestuffs focused on creating premium quality products that also provide environmental sustainability. Industry experts with a wide range of dyestuffs for leather, textile, paper, aluminum and wood applications, Modern uses the latest technologies and procedures to create products that meet the exact requirements of each customer.

OHYOUNG Inc. is a synthetic dyestuff manufacturer for the textile industry. Over the past four decades, it has delivered exclusive technological innovations in the field of dyestuffs for textiles. This has made it a leading provider of products and services for the global textile industry. Today, OHYOUNG Inc. provides solutions to more than sixty countries, offering a complete range of colourants, auxiliaries and services.


Solution Provider:

For almost 30 years, NSF International has provided toxicology and chemical risk assessment services to evaluate ingredients, materials and products against NSF/ANSI standards, and U.S. and international regulations. 

Founded in 2008, Scivera is recognised as an innovator and leader in making the identification and replacement of hazardous chemicals in products simple, fast, and cost-effective. The company has built the most comprehensive resource for Chemical Hazard Assessments (CHA) verified by board-certified toxicologists. This information is made available to subscribers through the innovative cloud-based app, SciveraLENS®, bringing scalable, data-driven, chemicals management and safer alternatives exploration to all participants in the global consumer products supply chain.