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ZDHC Welcomes Four New Contributors

December 9, 2019

We are very excited to welcome four new ZDHC Contributors.

We are very excited to welcome four new ZDHC Contributors. Advance Denim and Candiani Denim join our Textile Industry Category, ToxServices LLC within the Solution Provider Category and the Consorzio Conciatori di Ponte a Egola joins as a new Associate.

These four outstanding organisations will help and support the ZDHC Community and our mission. We are looking forward to working alongside them.

Textile Industry:

Advance Denim established in 1987 is one of the oldest denim mills in China, inheriting the silk business in 1930's. Innovation and quality-control lead Advance Denim as one of the best denim manufacturers. Advance Denim is also one of the co-founders of Denim City in Amsterdam.

Established in 1938, Candiani Denim is an internationally renowned, vertically integrated denim mill that supplies some of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world. Specialising in rigid and stretch denim, Candiani is one of Europe’s largest denim mills. 

Solution Provider:

ToxServices LLC is a 15 year old company that is considered one of the pioneers of informed substitution and alternatives assessment. Working with leading apparel brands, ToxServices created ToxFMD Screened ChemistryⓇ, a ZDHC MRSL Level 1 ecolabel that paves the way to intelligent and cost-effective hazard reduction and informed substitution throughout the supply chain. 


The Consorzio Conciatori di Ponte a Egola represents the category towards Public Administrations, bodies, economic organisations, workers' and entrepreneurial trade unions. Services rendered, information, assistance to associated tanneries for their activity. With its activity the purifier was built, collateral companies that manage the sewage sludge, the transformation of waste and by-products, the recovery of chrome.