The ZDHC Programme & Tools

The ZDHC Programme has identified four key areas and two cross-cutting areas which are critical towards eliminating hazardous chemicals from the global textile, leather and footwear industries.

Our four focus areas are MRSL & Conformance Guidance, Wastewater Quality, Audit Protocol and Research. Our two cross-cutting areas are Data & Disclosure and Training.

We believe focusing on these areas will allow us to have the greatest impact while also amplifying the work of other industry associations and non-governmental organisations. Read our roadmap here.

Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL)

The ZDHC MRSL is a list of chemical substances banned from intentional use in facilities that process textile materials and trim parts in apparel, leather and footwear. It establishes acceptable concentration limits for these substances as impurities or by-products in chemical formulations used within manufacturing facilities. Learn more. 


Wastewater Quality


Well-designed, properly functioning wastewater treatment plants, good process controls and effective chemical management are key to minimising chemical, physical and biological pollutants discharged into the environment. Learn more

Audit Protocol

The ZDHC audit protocol was developed to ensure consistency in environmental auditing across the value chain and sharing of audit findings. The Audit Protocol is supported by the ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS) Guidance Manual, released in 2015. Learn more



The ZDHC Research List is a list of prioritised chemical substances for which there are no safer alternatives in the market today. It lists priority chemical substances that require additional research or substitution. Learn more

Data & Disclosure

While implementing the Joint Roadmap, the need for integrated data management became apparent. The ZDHC Programme and its value chain participants including mills, tanneries, chemical companies and third-party service providers began exploring the challenges in data capture, reporting and global synchronisation. Learn more


ZDHC Training is designed to support implementation of ZDHC standards throughout the value chain. Training is aimed at all parts of the value chain, including, brands, chemical suppliers, manufacturers and other intermediaries to adopt ambitious chemical management standards. Learn more