The Process Focus Area promotes good chemical management practices in the day to day operations of suppliers (production facilities), and harmonises implementation of the ZDHC suite of tools across the supply chain.

Within the Process Focus Area we run initiatives which:

  • Promote harmonised and holistic implementation of the ZDHC suite of tools

  • Develop and maintain tools to assess chemical management practices within the entire supply chain. It includes, but is not limited to, the Chemical Management Module of the Higg Facilities Environmental Module (FEM) 3.0

  • Provide practical tools to help suppliers better manage chemicals, like the ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS) Guidance

  • Support the development of ZDHC Academy trainings, which are also used by the Implementation HUB

  • Support elements of the Leader Programme, which aims to align as well as track and measure progress with implementing ZDHC tools, both at brand and supplier level

Related Documents & Tools

  • Audit Protocol Report
  • Chemical Management Systems Guidance Manual

Other Documents

  • ZDHC Chemical Inventory List (CIL)