Terms of use

Due to the fact that we receive a lot of requests from people who want to use a ZDHC related brand or logo and or organisation that have misused our key identity we thought it was better to make our key brands and logos publicly available. The intention is to protect our brands and logos and to support all those who want to use them to do so correctly.  

And there are some rules. When you download any logo from this page you are expected to conform with the requirements on this page. 

ZDHC reserves the right to give notice, in writing via email, and guidance for bringing the brand and logo use into conformance as specified on this page. If the brand and logo use fails to be brought into conformance, ZDHC reserves the right to take any appropriate action at its discretion. Nonconformance includes the use of inappropriate language, nonconforming terminology, or nonconforming logo use and can result in disciplinary action, which may include, but is not limited to, suspension or termination of your participation in ZDHC activities such as contributorship, third party accreditation or acceptance status.

The ZDHC brand and logos are property of the Stichting ZDHC Foundation. ZDHC may issue a cease and desist letter to companies, organisations, or individuals that remain out of compliance after being notified to make appropriate changes.

For any ZDHC logos not featured on this page you need our express permission to use them. Please contact media@zdhc.org for more information.

If you’ve found a website that uses a ZDHC trademark inappropriately, we’d like to hear about it.
Report inappropriate use.