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Prove ZDHC MRSL Conformance for your chemical products


Reducing confusion

Understandable proof of a chemical substance's safety

What's in a ChemCheck Report?

A ChemCheck report is a product passport for a chemical formulation. It demonstrates the conformance of the product, in line with the ZDHC MRSL. It helps manufacturers to take safer choices and drive their individual performance in using safer chemistry.

Each report includes a chemical product summary, outlining the ZDHC MRSL level achieved, and an explanation of related conformance levels. It also includes details from the chemical manufacturer, technical specifications and SDS availability.


A ZDHC Solution

Powered by the ZDHC Gateway

Chemical Module is the world’s first verified database of safer chemistry for the apparel and footwear industry. It helps facilities to evaluate the ZDHC MRSL conformance level of chemical formulations used in production processes and find safer alternatives.

Wastewater Module is a global online platform for facilities to register and share their wastewater test data. The platform helps facilities to benchmark their conformance towards ZDHC's Wastewater Guidelines and share data with their customers.

ZDHC InCheck is an easy-to-read performance report that demonstrates the ZDHC MRSL conformance of a facility’s chemical inventory. It can be shared with all customers and is accepted by leading brands.

ZDHC ChemCheck is a product passport of chemical formulations that verifies ZDHC MRSL conformance. Chemical formulators should share this report with their customers.

ZDHC ClearStream is an easy-to-read facility performance report of ZDHC wastewater conformance that is accepted by leading brands. It can be shared with all customers to avoid duplicative testing.


What's in it for you?

  1. An easy-to-read, globally harmonised report
  2. Proof of a product’s ZDHC MRSL conformance
  3. Support your customers in making safer choices and demonstrate performance
  4. Accepted by industry leaders

The benefits

What ChemCheck can do for your organisation

ChemCheck reports should be part of brand requirements towards their manufacturing facilities to ensure the usage of sustainable chemistry.


ChemCheck reports can be easily found on the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module and provides clear, understandable insights of the ZDHC MRSL level of conformance of a chemical formulation. ChemCheck reports help facilities to make informed procurement decisions and improve buying practices for safer chemistry.


The ZDHC ChemCheck report empowers formulators to demonstrate product performance towards the ZDHC MRSL. It provides an easy-to-read synopsis, which facilities and brands can understand to make informed sustainable procurement decisions. At the same time, it supports formulators to demonstrate corporate efforts in driving sustainable chemistry and verify investments in ZDHC accepted certification schemas.


Protect your investment

ChemCheck report is exclusive to all products uploaded in the Chemical Module of the ZDHC Gateway. It provides a landmark for the identification of safer choices and the formulator's efforts in creating greener chemistry that helps to keep the industry's supply chain clean.


Customer assurance

ZDHC ChemCheck reports can be generated for all chemical products that have been published on the ZDHC Gateway. That report is a key resource, which can be used to assure customers of their efforts to meet ZDHC MRSL requirements. The report can be downloaded, printed or shared electronically as a pdf.

Chemical Product

Report highlights

Features of a ZDHC ChemCheck Report
Formulator information

Listing formulators details, chemical product name and chemical product description

Level description

ZDHC MRSL Conformance Level with description of the respective level

Certification details

Listing individual product certifications and their verification status

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How to get a report

Set your organisation apart. Use a ChemCheck report to prove your focus on safer chemistry.


Step one

Login to the ZDHC Gateway or create an account as chemical formulator


Step two

Upload your products and provide your certification details


Step three

Download your ChemCheck report and share a pdf version with relevant stakeholders