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What we do

We want to protect the planet by reducing industry's chemical footprint. That means working hand-in-hand with the entire value chain. We collaborate with global brands, chemical suppliers, manufacturers and other organisations that share our vision. Together we create a new way forward.

why we get up in the morning

Preserving our planet

We believe in a world where things are made without harmful chemicals. Consumer demands can be met without depleting natural resources. Our goal is to make that happen. We connect, innovate and empower to change how products are made. Together we can protect the place we call home.

how we do what we do

Moving forward - together

Collaboration is fundamental to our work. We've built a global ecosystem to bring organisations together. Our solutions and guidelines transform how chemicals are used. Our community spreads knowledge and ideas throughout the world. We want safer products to be the norm - everywhere.

the impact of our work

A better future

By empowering every point of the value chain towards safer manufacturing, we are building a new status quo. Our dynamic, determined community helps to reduce the industry's environmental footprint. Step-by-step, we want to build a better future for everyone.


Our mission

Our Mission is to enable brands and retailers in the textile, apparel, and footwear industries to implement sustainable chemical management best practice across the value chain. Through collaborative engagement, standard setting, and implementation, we will advance towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.


Our vision

Our Vision is widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry, driving innovations and best practices in textile, apparel and footwear industries to protect consumers, workers and the environment.


Our manifesto

We Believe

In the preservation of our planet
That production and nature can co-exist
That there is a new way forward

We Unite

Connecting people in one holistic effort
Building a strong, collaborative ecosystem
Changing the model together

We share

Being accessible and open
Sharing our knowledge for the common good
Spreading great ideas and best practice

We Do

Reinventing how products are made
Making safe chemicals the norm
To create long-lasting change

We Act

People will always follow fashion
Will always love new products
So let’s do it better


Our contributors

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Our roadmap

The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme outlines our activities into the future. It provides a clear path to the safer outputs we all want to see. Key stakeholders helped to create this roadmap, so we know we are on the right track.

The beginning
Starting out

In 2011 it all began. The industry had been challenged to transform and it was time for new ideas. Our first 6 Signatory Brands  committed to a joint roadmap, one that would transform their value chains. Work continued and in 2014 the first ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) was released. Since then  guidelines and solutions have been created and implemented throughout the industry.

Infinite mission

By now we're a global community with over 160 contributors. We've shifted the industry's mindset, from a focus on testing the final product, to managing input chemistry. The groundwork has been done, we have created a roadmap to advance towards the phase-out of hazardous substances. Now we accelerate progress towards our ultimate goals: cleaner water, cleaner air, and safer production.

growth and progress

The momentum will continue as we expand globally, innovate, and constantly improve our solutions. Updated versions are in play for the Wastewater Guidelines, the Chemical Management System, and the ZDHC MRSL. And there is more to come, with new Air Emission Guidelines on the horizon. We've even started looking beyond chemicals, growing the programme to cover man-made cellulosic fibres.

sharing and connecting

We know that connecting and supporting everyone's efforts scales up the impact. So the work continues to align manufacturers and brands around the ZDHC MRSL. This accelerates progress all round by reducing duplicated efforts. We also want to engage with neighbouring supply chains. This will help to tackle cross contamination from other industry segments sharing manufacturing facilities.

bigger impact

Our impact continues to grow in line with our increasing global footprint. The Signatory Brand Leader Programme has gained momentum and will continue to do so. We know that joint implementation is the key to success. With that in mind we will continue creating a supportive ecosystem, one that helps organisations to implement for purpose, while supporting an increased demand for safer chemistry.

the future

Our work has been publicly noted for helping to make a significant improvement. But we won't stop there, our team are in this for the long term. We will continue educating the value chain to drive good chemical management beyond our community. Publicly available guidelines, training courses and international networking are some of the tools we use to spread the word and grow the impact.


Meet our people

Ahmad Ansari
Partnerships Director
Annie Francis
Senior Operations Director
Frank Michel
Executive Director
Janne Koopmans
Head of Collaboration
Klaas Nuttbohm
Implementation Director
Scott Echols
Senior Roadmap to Zero Programme Director

Regional management

Elisa Monica Gavazza
Southern Europe Regional Director
Lydia Lin
East Asia Regional Director
Prasad Pant
South Asia Regional Director
Alisa Münsterberg
Marketing and Events Manager
Andrew Hoy Mades
Communications Project Management Associate
Any Alexandra Chiuaru
Implementation Associate
Asawari Puranik
Customer Support Associate
Cristina Ameijenda Marcos
Stakeholder Manager
Dina Lipp
Sector Engagement Manager
Dipali Mandar Thakur
Customer Support Associate
Elisangela Rodrigues de Alencar
Human Resources Manager
Eniko Toth
Senior Strategic & Executive Planning Associate
Hein Willem Blokland
Business Developer
Helen Longmuir
Technical Writer
Jon Brookins
Junior Financial Controller
José Pedro Maçorano Santos
Data & Business Analyst
José Ribeiro
Financial Controller
Katya Komlach
Product Associate - Gateway
Manikandan Nagandran
Senior Roadmap to Zero Programme Manager
Marina Galhardi
Senior Roadmap to Zero Delivery Project Associate
Marina Homsi
Office and Business Operations
Maryna Zhylianina
Legal Associate
Nina Bendias
Knowledge Base Manager
Polina Zhade
Executive Management Support
Pushkar Shejwalkar
SCM-Technical Manager
Saket Kulkarni
Implementation Manager
Shinne Li
Implementation Manager
Sitwat Azhar Hashmi
Senior Impact Communications Associate
Smita Prasad Bait
Subject Matter Expert Fibres and Material
Stefania Dal Corso
Programme and Solution Quality Assurance Manager
Thiwanka De Fonseka
Environmental Expert - Water Competence Center
Umesh Kore
Subject Matter Expert Sustainable Chemical Management
Valentin Jully
Systems and Solutions Manager
Vanessa Schulz
Gateway Product Manager
Victoria Orlianges
Senior Legal Counsel
Abhishek Bansal
Secretary, Manufacturer Category Seat
Beatriz Baeza
Brand Category Seat
Dr Mark Sumner
Academia Category Seat
Francesco Pianca
Board Chair, Brand Category Seat
Mia Gunawan
Brand Category Seat
Michael Costello
Chemical Supplier Category Seat
Nick Farrar
Brand Category Seat
Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis
Treasurer, Brand Category Seat
Rohit Aggarwal
Chemical Supplier Category Seat
Sharika Senanayake
Manufacturer Category Seat
Stefan Seidel
Brand Category Seat
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Impact report

Understand how ZDHC has helped to create a paradigm shift in the apparel and footwear industry and laid the groundwork for sustainable chemical management.