Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) & Conformance Guidance

The ZDHC MRSL V1.1 is a list of chemical substances banned from intentional use in facilities that process textile materials and trim parts in apparel and footwear. The MRSL establishes acceptable concentration limits for substances in chemical formulations used within manufacturing facilities.

The limits are designed to eliminate the possibility of intentional use of listed substances. The intent of the MRSL is to manage the input of chemicals to the suppliers and remove those hazardous substances from the manufacturing process. It is a living document and will be updated as needed to expand the materials and processes covered and to add substances that should be phased out of the value-chain. 

On an ongoing basis, we will publish the results of studies undertaken as part of this initiative. Documents listed below will be updated as soon as new information becomes available. 

ZDHC MRSL & Related Tools

  • Manufacturing Restricted Substances List Version 1.1
  • MRSL Question & Answer Sheet
  • Interim MRSL Conformance Guidance
  • MRSL Supplier Acknowledgement Letter

Chemical Guidance Sheets

  • Chlorobenzenes
  • Chlorophenols
  • Halogenated Solvents
  • Organotins
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons/ Naphthalene
  • Toluene Guidance Sheet
  • Long-chain Perfluoroalkyl Acids (LCPFAAs)
  • Nonylphenol (NP)
  • Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEOs)
  • Phthalates Guidance Sheet
  • Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins
  • Chemical Inventory Summary List
  • Chemical Hazard Assessment Guidance
  • Water Repellent Chemistry Research Report
  • Chemical Inventory Database

Some of these documents are available in the following languages:

Vietnamese          Hindi         Bengali          Kannada            Urdu

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