Quality for sustainabilty

ZDHC Quality Manifesto

Welcome to the ZDHC Quality Manifesto, the cornerstone of our Roadmap to Zero Programme. Our objective is to establish the highest standard of sustainable chemical management in the textile, leather, apparel, and footwear industry. At the heart of ZDHC's mission is our unwavering commitment to quality, which guides our Quality Management strategy. This strategy strengthens trust and credibility in our programme and our Committed Community.

Key elements

Key Elements of ZDHC Quality Management Strategy

Our Quality Manifesto outlines the crucial components of the ZDHC Quality Management strategy, which focuses on three primary areas:

Continuous Improvement

We strive for continuous improvement of ZDHC platforms, solutions, and procedures. We provide industry-leading tools that are efficient, relevant, up-to-date, reliable, trustworthy, and user-friendly. To address environmental concerns, we consistently collaborate and engage with stakeholders to optimise our platforms, solutions, and procedures.

Due Diligence Approaches

Our approach to due diligence involves an extensive and transparent evaluation of brands, suppliers, and chemical formulators' sustainability and responsibility practices within the scope of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme. Our key stakeholders are regularly assessed to ensure they uphold our vision for a sustainable and responsible sector..

Engagement and Evaluation

The engagement and evaluation of ZDHC Approved Solution Providers is based in a quality management approach. This approach encompasses both quality assurance - a proactive process of setting and implementing requirements, processes, and procedures during the approval phase - and quality control, a reactive process that checks the outcomes of activities conducted by the solution providers. We undertake this through a series of inter-related activities, including monitoring and verifying wastewater data reported in the ZDHC Gateway and the outcome of ZDHC MRSL Conformance certification processes.

ZDHC Quality Team

The ZDHC Quality Manifesto is centrally managed by the ZDHC Quality Team. Meanwhile, ZDHC staff members around the globe actively promote the objectives of the quality department. Our regional offices constantly engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure that ZDHC's quality control measures are effectively implemented and appropriately monitored.

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Speak-Up Procedure

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, we have established the ZDHC Speak-Up Procedure.

This is a vital component of our quality management programme to maintain out integrity and accountability that provides a platform for reporting any suspected or observed misconduct that may affect ZDHC. We encourage anyone who notices worrying, inappropriate, unethical, or illegal activities to speak up. This not only helps protect our core ZDHC values and principles, but it also safeguards our credibility, reputation, and that of our stakeholders.

Confidentiality and Protection

Our Speak-Up Procedure can be utilised to report concerns or incidents related to quality, integrity, bribery, professional obligations, stakeholders' violations, or any suspect behavior affecting our programme's integrity. 

The SpeakUp® System, managed by an independent service provider, offers round-the-clock availability. You have the option to communicate in English through the Internet. The proficient SpeakUp® team will diligently manage your report while granting you the choice of anonymity. To initiate a report, the process is as straightforward as accessing the dedicated page designed for ZDHC signatories and external stakeholders. Alternatively, you can begin a report by scanning the provided QR code.

Reporting Concerns and Ensuring Anonymity

We prioritise the protection and confidentiality of those using the ZDHC SpeakUp Procedure. All questions or issues raised are treated confidentially, and we are committed to protecting the privacy of everyone involved in the SpeakUp process. While we encourage sharing information openly, we understand and respect the need for anonymity.

For a more detailed understanding of the Speak-Up Procedure and how to make a report, please visit our Knowledge Base:

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