ZDHC Events

A key aspect of our work is our collaboration with various stakeholders within the textile, leather and footwear industry. As part of this, ZDHC attends, presents at and hosts various events throughout the year.

At all of these events, whether we host or participate, we showcase ZDHC tools such as the ZDHC MRSL. In addition, we align and collaborate with key organisations to review and refine our scope and drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Below you can find more information on the events we organise, participate in or contribute to.

Upcoming ZDHC Events

The ZDHC Annual Meeting - November 19 - 20 in Amsterdam

Registration has kicked off for the 5th ZDHC Annual Meeting. On November 19 it all begins. This year, the event has been reinvented with a fantastic new venue and an exciting new format. 

Now is the time to note our joint achievements so far. After eight busy years of innovating, implementing and accelerating progress, we want to applaud our community’s success story.  

The 2019 agenda looks at both the past and the future. Members of our community will recount their journey as part of the ZDHC Community. They will highlight any hurdles they faced and how they overcame them to reach the point we are at today. Our joint success story will be celebrated with fantastic events, including an awards ceremony and the official launch of the very first ZDHC Impact Report.

Over two days, insightful keynotes, panels and discussions will cover a range of issues. We will ask the important questions about clean water and air.  We will see how technologies are impacting the industry’s transformation.

This is also our space to look at tomorrow’s strategy, to see where our community goes from here. As we chart a way forward, we want your input. 

Take a look at the agenda and make sure you are part of the discussion. If you have not already registered, book your place today.

Sponsorship opportunities

Each year, our sponsors make an invaluable contribution to running this event. If you want to know more about sponsoring the ZDHC Annual Meeting, see the latest sponsorship packages or, email us at