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Contributor Announcement February 2022

March 2, 2022


As of February 2022, we welcome two new Contributors to the ZDHC Community. 

As VCA Textile, Footwear, Apparel and Leather Industry:

Soorty is a family of engineers and designers who are passionate about creating denim that makes people look and feel good by imbuing its core values of innovation, design and sustainability. Believing that sustainable denim needs to be manufactured at scale, Soorty is using its comprehensive vertically integrated infrastructure spanning Pakistan, Turkey and Bangladesh to do just that. The company offers LEED certified production in cost-leading countries Pakistan and Bangladesh, a co-creation development facility in the hub of denim innovation Turkey, and design centres in the denim fashion hubs of the world - New York and Amsterdam. Denimology is what they do, Denimkind™ is who they are.

Soorty Enterprises recognises that the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme covers all aspects related to innovative, sustainable chemistry, and provides solutions for input, process and output controls through collaborative, project-oriented standardisation.

Being a stakeholder and a pacesetter in the denim industry, Soorty understands that there is an enormous responsibility on their shoulders to protect our planet and environment. Soorty firmly believes that by joining ZDHC they can structure their organisation and its sustainability strategies to minimise their chemical footprint and contribute to better tomorrows for everyone.

“Soorty has been working closely with the ZDHC Foundation since 2014 and, in that time, we have felt an enormous improvement in how we manage our chemical inventory. This isn’t just limited to safety policies around selection and inventory but goes all the way to the comfort and confidence of our workers, buyers and end-consumers. Today, we are very proud to be one of the frontrunners of the industry in Pakistan by achieving the ‘Progressive Level’ in the Supplier to Zero leader programme and by joining the  larger ZDHC community, we hope not just to improve ourselves further, but to also build a set of best practises within the Pakistani context for other organisations in our locale to emulate.”

-Mr. Asad Soorty, Director Operations, Soorty Enterprises.

As VCA Chemical Industry:

DEBAĞ KİMYA, is a privately held chemical corporation that offers high quality and high performing products to the global leather chemicals market. Their products are favoured worldwide by the industry’s leading tanneries, and meet the most stringent requirements of their customers in the automotive, upholstery, shoe, bag, and garment industries.

DEBAĞ KİMYA implements, reviews and continuously improves the quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management systems in their products, services and activities. They endeavour to implement training programmes which comply with their policies and targets, long-term in a comprehensive manner, to improve the competencies of their employees, the compliance to their ethical values, and the quality of their training.

DEBAĞ KİMYA believes that the ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme will definitely improve their progress and guide them on their journey to making a real difference for the planet.

“We believe that the ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme provides a clear path to cleaner water, cleaner air, and safer production. We also know that connecting and supporting everyone's efforts scales up the impact. [With ZDHC] we are one step ahead of developments in chemical management and make a difference. We are pleased to join and share our competences and best practises and learn from other collaborative partners to improve our impact.”

-M. Ergun UTKU, General Manager