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Contributor Announcement February 2023

February 10, 2023


As of February 2023, we welcome one new ZDHC Contributor to the ZDHC Community. ‍

As an Associate:

The ZDHC Foundation, as a Research Signatory of The Microfibre Consortium (TMC), is thrilled to announce that TMC has now become a part of our Roadmap to Zero Programme as a ZDHC Contributor. TMC was established in 2018 with the goal of developing solutions to reduce microfiber release in the fashion and textile industry. Today, TMC is composed of a diverse community of brands, retailers, research institutions, manufacturers and service providers and its Technical Committee includes representatives from various sectors of the global textile industry, chaired by Phil Patterson, who also serves as Chair of the ZDHC MRSL Advisory Council.

Together, the two organisations will continue to focus on measuring and baselining their data to manage progress effectively and transparently. By combining ZDHC Foundation’s expertise in sustainable chemical management and TMC's fibre fragmentation knowledge, we aim to align on measuring, reporting and mitigating  fibre fragmentation through water and/or air pathways during manufacturing.   

“It is critical that we can reliably measure fibre fragmentation in wastewater from manufacturing facilities to reduce and manage fibre release to the environment, which currently we are unable to do. We now have an opportunity to work collaboratively, combine our networks and build on each other’s strengths, to develop fit-for-purpose, economical and efficient approaches to testing and reporting to ensure impactful change in reducing microfibre pollution.

-Dr Kelly Sheridan, Research Director, The Microfibre Consortium.