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Contributor Announcement July & August 2021

August 2, 2021


As of July and August, we welcome three new brands to the ZDHC Community - two Contributors and one Friend of ZDHC. 

As a Contributor:

Hcp Group (Hcp) is a hide supplier specialising in the tanning and marketing of precious leather hides. With six tanneries located in France and Italy, the Group manufactures exotic, calf and goat leathers for high-quality brands and labels from the fashion, leather goods and watch-making industries.

Hcp’s sustainable development model aims to constantly minimise the environmental footprint of their tanneries and safeguard the health of their artisans and customers, while developing harmonious stakeholder relations. By joining the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme Hcp seeks to actively contribute to the multi-stakeholder initiative. It will implement ZDHC Guidelines at their tanneries to bring operations up to speed on the highest sustainable development standards.

As a Signatory Brand:

OTB is an international fashion group, powering a range of global, unconventional brands, including Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Viktor&Rolf, and Jil Sander. The group also controls and manages the Staff International and Brave Kid companies, and holds a minority investment in L.A. brand Amiri.

 As its name suggests, OTB stands for “Only The Brave”, the group pushes boundaries and challenges established rules to redefine the world of fashion and lifestyle, by fostering the creativity of international talents.

OTB embodies the brave, innovative and unapologetic spirit and vision of its founder and president Renzo Rosso, who disrupted the world of fashion with an open-minded, highly creative mentality, aimed at “building not the biggest, but the most alternative fashion group,” as he stated.

On July 13th OTB publicly launched its Group Sustainability Strategy, which focuses on three main areas of action: planet, product, and people. Within the first pillar of OTB, there are 4 topics on which the Group has committed to bringing its own contribution, focusing one on Water Stewardship & Chemical Management. The goals linked to this topic are:

  • Developing and implementing group-wide water stewardship & chemical responsibility policy
  • Zero hazardous chemical use by 2030  [in line with ZDHC]. To support this goal:

                    i. Partner with relevant chemicals management collaborations (e.g., ZDHC, Bluesign)

                    ii. Develop a chemical reduction plan and chemical management system

                   iii. Include a specific focus on water and chemical-intensive processes (e.g., denim)

                   iv. Adopt an MRSL and achieve full chemical transparency with strategic suppliers by 2020

  • Mapping water usage to understand “hot spots,” including:

                    i. Water-intensive processes, and operations in areas of current or projected future water stress

                    ii. Set water stewardship targets, differentiated by level of water stress


“The OTB Group has been engaging for many years with the suppliers in its value chain around chemical management. We have been working especially on wet processes and with printing facilities to progressively phase out hazardous chemicals, by offering dedicated training and support to our suppliers in their journey towards more sustainable practices. By officially joining ZDHC, we want to raise our ambitions and partner with our fellow brands and other stakeholders across the globe to promote positive change around chemical management and water stewardship. We feel that this commitment, which resonates with our values and practices, deserves to be made public and we are very proud to start working hand in hand with ZDHC to achieve our common objective.”

-Ubaldo Minelli, CEO OTB Group

As a Friend of ZDHC:

Superdry is a global multi-channel brand, on a mission to inspire and engage the contemporary style-obsessed consumer. We create amazing clothes through our obsession with design, quality and fit, underpinned by our sustainability ambitions, our relentless innovation and our drive for operational excellence.

"Superdry is committed to producing the most sustainable product, whilst protecting our planet, supporting our people and leaving a positive environmental legacy."

-Deborah Painting, Head of Quality & Technical