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Contributor Announcement March 2022

March 17, 2022


As of March 2022, we welcome two new contributors to the ZDHC Community. 

As a Brand:

Nordstrom Product Group (NPG) has joined the ZDHC Foundation and its Roadmap to Zero Programme. Nordstrom, the leading fashion retailer is committed to providing its customers with the best quality of products and services, and it is through Nordstrom Product Group that the retailer offers a customer-centric brand portfolio of 12 Nordstrom Made brands across apparel, accessories, shoes, and home goods, including customer favourites like Zella, BP., Treasure & Bond and Open Edit.

Through these private label brands, Nordstrom can directly influence change in working conditions and environmental sustainability within the industry. Nordstrom knows that customers want to feel good about the products they buy, which is why Nordstrom has laid out goals for all Nordstrom Made brands to help shape a positive, inclusive, and sustainable future. By 2025 among other goals, the company aims to:

  • Use sustainably sourced raw materials for 50% of Nordstrom Made products made primarily of cotton, polyester, or cellulosic fabrics
  • Disclose traceability to the factory for 90% of Nordstrom Made products

“We know it is critical to protect the environment and do our part to mitigate our impact. Meaningful progress isn’t possible without a partnership, so we are grateful for our partnership with an industry leader like ZHDC,” said Angela Rhea, Director of NPG Social Responsibility and Sustainability. “We look forward to implementing the ZDHC Programme, Platforms, and Solutions to reduce and remediate the effects of hazardous chemicals in our Nordstrom Made products.”

As VCA Chemical Industry:

Proklean Technologies, headquartered in Chennai, India, brings groundbreaking green chemistry-based solutions to the industry. By producing well-performing, environmentally sustainable products, Proklean seeks to dispel the myth that green products do not deliver.

At Proklean, sustainability is not a strategy, it stands at the very core of the company. Proklean wants to make the world a better place for future generations and aims to do this by producing sustainable products and by urging its users to adopt sustainable practices. By joining the ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme, Proklean aims to make a wider impact on the industry with its work and philosophy.

​”Proklean's mission is to help users conserve critical natural resources and reduce pollution. By joining the ZDHC community, we would like to contribute towards making a better tomorrow.”

-Karun Tyagi, Head of Strategic Business Unit (SBU) - Textiles & EHS

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