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Contributor Announcement March 2023

March 14, 2023


As of March 2023, we welcome one new ZDHC Contributor and one Friend of ZDHC to the ZDHC Community. 

As a VCA Chemical Industry:

TEXTILCOLOR AG is a Swiss-based company that is one of the leading producers of sustainable speciality textile chemicals. The protection of consumers, workers and the environment and the ongoing reduction of harmful substances and the responsible handling of resources are a key part of their understanding of sustainable and responsible business practices.

By being part of a collaboration designed to transform the global value chain and by actively working alongside other ZDHC Contributors, TEXTILCOLOR AG demonstrates their commitment towards the milestones set out in our Roadmap to Zero Programme. They currently have about a quarter of their products uploaded to the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module, meeting the ZDHC MRSL Conformance Level 3 requirements, as proof of their commitment to attaining and maintaining the highest possible level of conformance to the Roadmap to Zero Programme.

“Over the past years, ZDHC became one of the best-known programmes in the industry for driving chemical and wastewater management and thus the protection of our planet. TEXTILCOLOR AG is committed to sustainability, best practices in developing new products and a high level of service to our customers. By becoming a ZDHC Contributor, we clearly express our commitment and hope to contribute actively to the further development of the Programme.” 

-Detlef Fischer, CEO of TEXTILCOLOR AG

As a Friend:

Amer Sports is a global group of sports and outdoor brands such as Arc’teryx, Salomon, Wilson, Peak Performance and Atomic. Loved and trusted by millions, Amer Sports brands empower people from courts to slopes, from cities to mountains, and everywhere in between. With nearly 10,000 employees globally, Amer Sports inspires people in their effort to live healthier and more sustainably. For more information, visit www.amersports.com.

Amer Sports commits to reducing the environmental impact of its products and operations by using methods that are both environmentally responsible and economically sound. The company assesses the environmental effects of its decisions and strives to continuously improve its performance. The aim is to promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices that are beneficial to customers, consumers, employees, and the communities in which Amer Sports and its brands operate. Amer Sports believes that the ZDHC foundation and its community are good partners in the journey to improve our playground, the planet. The challenges we are currently facing can only be solved by collaboration across companies and industries.

“The wellbeing of our employees, the communities where we operate, and those around our brands is essential to us. We constantly review our manufacturing and sourcing footprint to identify possibilities for improvement and to reduce our environmental impact. We want to ensure that our production is safe for the consumers and the planet. ZDHC's Roadmap to Zero Programme provides us a platform, guidance and resources that support us in eliminating harmful substances from our textile, leather, apparel and footwear supply chains. We are happy to be part of the ZDHC community and contribute to a positive change.”

-Pascal Covatta, VP Global Sourcing at Amer Sports