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Contributor Announcement November 2022

November 14, 2022


As of November 2022, we welcome two new ZDHC Contributors and one new Friend of ZDHC to the ZDHC Community. 

As a VCA Chemical Industry:

Resil Chemicals Pvt Ltd. is an innovative specialty chemical company with over 28 years of leadership in silicones and specialty chemicals for textiles. Resil, along with its fully owned subsidiary, N9 World Technologies (N9WTPL), serves more than 1,000 customers across four continents, helping diverse industries such as textiles, agriculture, home & personal care, auto care, and antimicrobials. Resil has two state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing plants in Bangalore, India, with Integrated Management System certifications and adheres to social accountability standards.

Resil demonstrates its commitment to sustainable chemical management in line with its vision by joining the ZDHC Foundation's Roadmap to Zero Programme and achieving ZDHC MRSL Conformance Level 3 in accordance with the ZDHC MRSL V2.0 (Resil has 198 chemical products in Level 3 and 315 chemical products in Level 1; N9WTPL has 6 chemical products in Level 3 and 11 chemical products in Level 1).

Resil thrives on introducing cutting-edge sustainable technology to the market to reduce water and energy use, boost the use of chemicals with low environmental impact, and protect workers, consumers, and the environment. 

"Resil has a unique repository of knowledge in the area of silicones and organic chemicals used by the fashion industry. This knowledge can help the ZDHC community take the right decisions and innovate in solving problems related to sustainable chemicals for apparel and fashion customers all over the globe."

-Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO of Resil Chemicals.

As a VCA Chemical Industry:

Gruppo Biokimica's identity is based on the principles of innovation, customer relations, and the needs of the fashion industry. Their main goal is to understand the needs and expectations of customers in order to respond promptly in a coherent and transparent way and to offer solutions that ensure the environmental sustainability of products and their production process as an essential feature.

Joining the ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme as a ZDHC Contributor was the natural next step for Gruppo Biokimica to promote safer and more ecological chemistry, to produce sustainable chemicals for the environment and for the people who come in contact with them, and for the final product, the leather.

"The philosophy of Gruppo Biokimica is to develop products that optimally meet the market's needs, anticipating changes and trends in the fashion sector while maintaining environmental sustainability. This is why we fully share ZDHC's holistic approach to promoting safer and greener chemistry."

-Massimo Baldini, President of Gruppo Biokimica.

‍As a Friend: 

Under Armour, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a leading inventor, marketer and distributor of branded athletic performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. Designed to empower human performance, Under Armour’s innovative products and experiences are engineered to make athletes better. For further information, please read here.

Responsible chemical management is critical to living out Under Armour’s value, ‘Act Sustainably,’ and directly supports our company’s environmental sustainability pillar aimed at protecting the planet and its inhabitants - including workers and consumers across our supply chain. By bringing together parties from across our industry’s entire value chain, ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme will accelerate our sustainability objectives by increasing the number of partners and suppliers already engaged in the activities of the Roadmap to Zero Programme, working to implement the best sustainable chemical management practices.  

“Under Armour is excited to become a Friend of ZDHC within the context of the ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme and its important work to reduce the intentional use and discharge of harmful chemicals associated with our industry. Teamwork is critical to driving holistic progress, and we look forward to collaborating with members across the fashion and textile community who share our commitment to protect the environment and make our industry sustainable.” 

-Michael Levine, Chief Sustainability Officer for Under Armour.