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ChemCheck Summary Report now available on ZDHC Gateway

July 27, 2021

ChemCheck Summary Report for Formulators

The ZDHC ChemCheck functions like a product passport to prove ZDHC MRSL Conformance for your chemical products. 

To increase the efficiency of the ChemCheck functionality in the ZDHC Gateway, we have created a new feature for Formulators to generate ChemCheck Summary Reports for multiple selected products. This new feature also allows them to show their overall ZDHC MRSL product conformance in one single document.  

“[The ChemCheck Summary Reports] streamline the communication between formulators, suppliers, [and brands]. [It] allows formulators to provide the latest official ZDHC conformance level of their products published in the Gateway in one document”                                                                              -Andrew Bentley, Huntsman 

Formulators can now efficiently share customer specific product portfolios to engage with them and support them on their Roadmap to Zero journey. The ChemCheck Summary Report helps manufacturers to make safer chemical choices with respect to their chemical inventory and drive their individual performance.

Learn how to generate a ChemCheck Summary Report through our ZDHC Knowledge Base here.