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Inception workshop UNIDO Southern Africa

December 14, 2023

Inception workshop UNIDO Southern Africa

On 29th November the opening workshop about a Circular Economy in the Textile & Garments Sector of Southern Africa was hosted by The National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) in South Africa. As a  key implementing organisation within the project, the ZDHC Academy had the opportunity to join the workshop virtually and provide a brief introduction about ZDHC and the Roadmap to Zero Programme.

Various stakeholders participated in the workshop, from the South African Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment to brands, as well as local sustainability organisations and academic institutions.

This is the beginning of a new project, funded by GEF and UNIDO, which aims to promote a circular economy in the textile and garment sector through the sustainable management of chemicals and waste in Lesotho, Madagascar, South Africa and Ethiopia. The project activities will start in Q1, 2024. ZDHC will play a key role in building capacity and supporting the implementation of sustainable chemical management and waste management at the facility level.