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Introducing the ZDHC Man-Made Cellulosic Fibre Module V2.2

December 14, 2023

this module is designed to evaluate the implenentation of the ZDHC MMCF Guidelines V2.2

The Man-Made Cellulosic Fibre (MMCF) Module on the ZDHC Supplier Platform is designed to evaluate the implementation of the ZDHC MMCF Guidelines V2.2, published in August 2023, supporting MMCF manufacturers to identify areas of improvement. This evaluation assists MMCF manufacturers to demonstrate that the criteria described in the ZDHC MMCF Guidelines V2.2 for chemical recovery, wastewater discharge and air emissions are met at the Foundational, Progressive or Aspirational levels through a scoring mechanism. 

ZDHC MMCF Guidelines

The ZDHC MMCF Guidelines are a set of directions that address integrated expectations for discharge wastewater quality, air emissions, and chemical recovery for manufacturing facilities producing man-made cellulosic fibres. The complete set includes:

  • ZDHC MMCF Responsible Fibre Production Guidelines
  • ZDHC MMCF Wastewater Guidelines
  • ZDHC MMCF Air Emissions Guidelines

These guidelines drive the MMCF manufacturing facilities towards minimising the environmental impact of MMCF production and to manufacture in a responsible way.

Evaluation topics

The MMCF Module on ZDHC Supplier Platform assesses MMCF manufacturers on the following topics:

  • Best practices for fibre feedstock
  • Responsible production of MMCF in terms of chemical recovery
  • Best practices for raw material consumption
  • Environmental impact: wastewater parameters and air emissions


The MMCF Module is focussed on the following fibres:

  • Viscose staple fibres (VSF)
  • Modal staple fibres
  • Viscose filament yarn (VFY)
  • Lyocell
  • Cuprammonium rayon (cupro)
  • Cellulose acetate (acetate)

Verification of achievement 

MMCF manufacturers can demonstrate their implementation progress with a Certification of Achievement of their assessment indicating the implementation of guideline parameters meeting Foundational/Progressive/Aspirational level requirements. Where a facility does not meet the level’s requirements, they can develop their own improvement plan and retake the assessment.

Benefits for Suppliers

The MMCF Module enables suppliers to:

  • Demonstrate implementation of the ZDHC MMCF Guidelines at their facilities
  • Identify areas of improvement to prepare corrective actions
  • Get recognition and verification of implementation at the appropriate level meeting the criteria of Foundational/ Progressive/ Aspirational and reduce their environmental footprint
  • Highlight the organisation as a future-focused industry leader.


ZDHC MMCF Module Assessment Guide

  1. Access to MMCF Module:

To demonstrate that a MMCF manufacturer has been assessed for the ZDHC MMCF Guidelines, facilities need to complete the MMCF Module located on the ZDHC Supplier Platform. Within the module, suppliers can answer questions as part of an assessment, and upload relevant documents. The evaluation of the assessment, including the document uploads, is done by a  MMCF Module Reviewer. The fulfilment of the norms in the assessment is expressed in the form of a scoring system that grades the facility against how they have met Foundational/Progressive/Aspirational level requirements. Based on this, the facility receives an assessment report, shared with the facility via email from ZDHC. The facility can also download a Certificate of Achievement from the Supplier Platform, demonstrating their achievement. 

To access the MMCF Module on the ZDHC Supplier Platform, the MMCF facility needs to first register on the ZDHC Gateway and using their Gateway log-in credentials, the facility can access the MMCF Module on the ZDHC Supplier Platform located on Implementation Hub website (https://www.implementation-hub.org/supplier-to-zero)

After logging in to the Supplier Platform, please click ‘Module’ at the top of the page to navigate between different modules, and select ‘Man-made Cellulosic Fibre’, as shown above, to start your MMCF assessment. If this module does not appear on your drop-down navigation, please contact the team at supplierplatform@zdhc.org.

  1. Assessment

To complete their assessment, MMCF facilities will need to answer all questions and meet the minimum requirements for specific questions. At relevant questions, the facility will need to upload documents in support of their answers.  

MMCF facilities should preferably complete the evaluation on the MMCF Module between 1st October of the reporting year to 30th June of the next year. For example, if the reporting year is 2023, the submission window will be open from 1st October 2023 to 30th June 2024.

To learn more about how to answer questions and submit your MMCF Module assessment in the ZDHC Supplier Platform, go to Supplier Platform Guidance


  1. Cost and Payment 

Once the assessment has been submitted, before the ZDHC Approved Third-Party Reviewer starts the process, the MMCF facility should complete the payment process. To learn more about how to complete the payment process in the ZDHC Supplier Platform, go to What is the payment process?. The fee for the MMCF Module review and verification process is €769.

  1. Review 

The assessment review is conducted by a ZDHC Approved Third-Party Reviewer. 

Facilities have one additional submission attempt if necessary, where they are able to give additional information or documents upon request by the reviewer or amend answers based on the reviewer’s comments.

  1. Assessment Outcome and Certification

Based on the review by the ZDHC Approved Third-Party Reviewer, the facility can have one of four outcomes from their submitted assessment:

  • Does not meet ZDHC MMCF minimum requirements
  • Meets ZDHC MMCF Foundational Level requirements
  • Meets ZDHC MMCF Progressive Level requirements
  • Meets ZDHC MMCF Aspirational Level requirements

Along with this, an Assessment report is provided with details on the MMCF facility’s performance to help them identify possible improvement areas.

  1. ZDHC MMCF Guidelines and the Canopy Hot Button Report

ZDHC is proud to collaborate with Canopy to push for Sustainable Chemical Management criteria in MMCF supply chain production. Following the ZDHC MMCF Implementation Approach Guidelines V2.2, the updated Chemical Management Criteria for viscose and modal staple fibres will connect into the Canopy Hot Button report through an indication on the chemical management performance of the facility assessed through the MMCF Module. This performance will be scored according to the volume of production reached by MMCF facilities at the Progressive Level. The MMCF Suppliers Chemical Management score in the Hot Button Report (2024 edition), will be based on their 2023 performance.

Have a feedback or comments to help us improve the MMCF Module? Please contact the team at supplierplatform@zdhc.org.