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The BHive is the latest ZDHC Approved Solution Provider for the Performance InCheck

December 1, 2020

The BHive® by GoBlu International Ltd.

GoBlu International Ltd. has now integrated the ZDHC Performance InCheck reporting into its chemical management platform The BHive® and has become the latest ZDHC partner.

Both organisations work on a shared vision and are convinced that digital innovation is the key to more sustainability and transparency in the use of chemicals in the textile and footwear industries. The BHive® platform and the respective app can now provide its customers with the ZDHC Performance InCheck, a crosscheck of a factory’s chemical inventory with the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module. It allows customers of The BHive® to validate the conformance of chemicals used with the ZDHC MRSL, which is an essential demand by brands inside and outside of the ZDHC Contributor community and a growing number of textile and leather certification schemes.

„This step is another milestone for the development of The BHive®. The integration of the ZDHC Performance InCheck reporting will enable us to better meet the market’s demands. We are very pleased to further expand our scope and service portfolio with this step“, says Lars Doemer, managing director of GoBlu International Ltd.

“We are happy to welcome The BHive® to our group of Approved Solution Providers. We experience a growing interest in managing chemical inputs and a general commitment of the industries to the ZDHC MRSL. The BHive® will make the ZDHC Performance InCheck Solution available to brands and suppliers, also outside our ZDHC Contributor community and support ZDHC MRSL implementation”, says Klaas Nuttbohm, ZDHC Implementation Director.

ZDHC Performance InCheck reports are produced exclusively by ZDHC Gateway and are delivered automatically in PDF format by the Approved Solution Providers who are connected to ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module. Suppliers who generate the Performance InCheck therefore also will be provided access to the ZDHC Gateway and the Supplier to Zero Programme, which will help them implement the ZDHC Chemical Management System.

GoBlu International Ltd. and the ZDHC Foundation are looking forward to intensify the joint efforts on the Performance InCheck on the Performance InCheck and related project.


About The BHive®

The BHive® is the leading chemical management platform in the textile and fashion industry, developed by sustainability consultancy GoBlu International Ltd.

Using OCR technology, The BHive® allows manufacturing facilities to take smartphone photos of chemical product labels, and within seconds identify which products meet the sustainability requirements of many brands and retailers. Once uploaded, all scanned chemicals are cross- referenced with The BHive®’s database and the system automatically generates a full and accurate chemical inventory. Facilities can then see which chemicals they should phase out – all at a glance.