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ZDHC Committed Community Announcement June 2023

June 12, 2023


As of June 2023, we welcome two new ZDHC Signatories to the ZDHC Committed Community. 

As a ZDHC Signatory Supplier:

The Teejay Group has established itself as South Asia's premier and leading multinational maker of weft-knitted fabric. Their clear vision and objectives drive Teejay's chemical management strategy. Joining the Roadmap to Zero Programme as a ZDHC Contributor will continue to support these efforts as they seek to increase awareness around ZDHC’s efforts, and collaborate with our programme to enhance their sustainable chemical management framework.

“Teejay is further developing its chemical management strategy by becoming a ZDHC Contributor. Through the ZDHC Foundation’s Roadmap to Zero Programme, we hope to network, gain expert knowledge,  and  collaborate with the industry at large on our sustainable journey.”  

-Pubudu De Silva, Chief Executive Officer, Teejay Group

As a ZDHC Signatory Chemical Formulator:

Established in 1952, SAREX CHEMICALS is India's leading textile auxiliary manufacturer and exporter, with a presence in over 70 countries. Offering safe, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions, Sarex operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tarapur. It stands out as the only Indian chemical company with a Marks & Spencer accredited lab.

SAREX CHEMICALS prioritizes sustainability, offering products that bolster efficiency, conserve resources, and protect the environment. Their recent launch of biodegradable, eco-friendly bio-based products surpasses conventional chemicals. As part of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, Sarex is committed to providing safer chemicals, improving customer processes, and reducing emissions and effluent, and so contributing to a better world.

“We are very excited to be associated with ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme to detox the textile industry’s global value chain. We are keen to do our part in this collective and holistic approach of sustainable chemical management. We are confident that our new innovations in bio based and other sustainable products will be in line with the Roadmap to Zero Programme’s mission of controlling the inputs, improving the processes and the outputs of the textile industry to make the world a better place.”

-Dr. Naresh Saraf- Executive Director, Sarex Chemicals