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ZDHC Committed Community Announcement September 2023

September 13, 2023

As of September 2023, we welcome one new ZDHC Signatory to the ZDHC Committed Community.

As a ZDHC Signatory Brand:

Tom Tailor continues to elevate sustainable chemical management and promote the use of better chemistries to achieve the highest product performance and industry standards.

Tom Tailor is a casual fashion and lifestyle brand born and raised in Hamburg. With ‘BE PART’ Tom Tailor developed a 360° sustainability strategy which builds the fundament of its company strategy. It is a commitment to contribute to a more conscious fashion era.

“Joining the ZDHC Programme is an important next step on our‚ ‘BE PART’ journey. The fashion industry is a major contributor to climate change and uses a lot of chemicals. We have to take our responsibility seriously.” 
– Juliane Nowakowski, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility