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ZDHC expands InCheck Solutions

July 14, 2022

ZDHC releases ZDHC InCheck Solutions and ZDHC Verified InCheck – Level 1

ZDHC InCheck Solutions help suppliers show that they purchase and use chemical products which minimise risk to human health, improve worker safety, and have limited impact on the environment. 

Via the ZDHC InCheck Solutions, suppliers can assess their chemical inventory conformance to ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) and share the results with brand customers, without sharing details of the chemical inventory itself. 

ZDHC InCheck Solutions explains each solution and how it can be implemented. Now, ZDHC has added a verification component to enhance the credibility of the Performance InCheck Reports generated by suppliers. The Performance InCheck Report depends on the accuracy and completeness of the chemical inventory uploaded by the supplier.

"The Verified InCheck Solution will add credibility and confidence to the Performance InCheck Reports generated by suppliers to demonstrate their ZDHC MRSL conformance of input chemical inventory. Having this verification in two levels - Level 1 through on-site spot checks and Level 2 to create an accurate baseline of the inventory- will establish a journey of continuous improvement for Suppliers and help to add transparency to the implementation of sustainable chemical management by manufacturers." said Prasad Pant, South Asia Director at ZDHC Foundation.

The objective of a Verified InCheck – Level 1 is to:

  • Review the overall completeness and accuracy of the chemical products in a supplier’s chemical inventory that are published in the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module
  • Enhance confidence in the Performance InCheck Reports  

Klaas Nuttbohm, Implementation Director at ZDHC, said: ”The ZDHC Verified InCheck is a further step towards convergence of industry practices. Over the years, the assessment of a supplier’s chemical inventory information has evolved as a key component in a couple of audit standards, specifically the verification of ZDHC MRSL conformance of the chemicals.” 

He added: “Suppliers and brands asked how approach A was comparable to approach B, audit fatigue was becoming a topic instead of focus of actual continuous improvement of the chemical inventories. The ZDHC Verified InCheck will help the industry refocus on the real challenges.”

ZDHC InCheck Solutions and ZDHC Verified InCheck - Level 1 can be read and downloaded on the Roadmap to Zero website


From August 2022 onwards, organisations will be able to apply to become an approved verifier for ZDHC InCheck - Level 1, via the Implementation HUB.

Starting October 2022 ZDHC Verified InCheck - Level 1 can be implemented by brands and suppliers. Stay tuned on our events page for the announcement of webinars.