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ZDHC launches app to support mobile use of the ZDHC Gateway

April 8, 2020

Download the ZDHC Gateway app now!

A smartphone app for the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module launches today. The app lets users tap into the Gateway while on the move. It can be used to locate, browse and validate chemical information on-site, throughout the factory floor. With fast access and usability on the ground, the app helps stakeholders to work in a real-time, effective way.

A breakthrough in mobile use of the ZDHC Gateway

This smartphone mobile application maximises on-site use of the ZDHC Gateway. Users can connect to the platform and access relevant information from anywhere in a facility. By supporting user mobility in this way, the app builds capacity for faster decision-making and increased efficiencies.

Native smartphone technology has been used to develop the app, ensuring a fast performance and a high degree of reliability on any device. 

We continue to employ technology and smart ideas to scale our efforts. The launch of this app is another example of the difference that can make. By increasing mobility for ZDHC Gateway users, we help them get the most out of the platform.” Frank Michel – ZDHC Executive Director

The ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module

The ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module is an online platform that registers and finds chemicals that conform to the ZDHC MRSL. It facilitates the exchange of information between brands, suppliers and chemical formulators. Brands can engage their supply chain and communicate their requirements for safer chemistry. Suppliers can increase their use of safer inputs and show that work to brands. Chemical formulators can prove ZDHC MRSL conformance for their products and position as a leader in reducing hazardous chemical use. 

The ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module has become a key chemical management platform for the industry. This app adds value by letting users browse and validate chemical information on the move, meaning data is accessible and actions can be taken immediately, from anywhere in a facility.


Innovation and continuous improvement at ZDHC

This app marks another milestone in the ongoing development of the ZDHC Gateway. By optimising the application of ZDHC solutions in the value chain, it increases the impact of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme.  

The ZDHC Gateway app is available now in both the App Store and Google Play store.