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ZDHC Performance InCheck Delivery Transition to Approved Solution Providers

June 17, 2020

Updates on the ZDHC Performance InCheck

In 2018, ZDHC Foundation launched ZDHC InCheck as an effective performance tool to benchmark the ZDHC MRSL conformance of Supplier chemical inventories.

ZDHC InCheck is an easy-to-read chemical inventory report that provides an overall score of ZDHC MRSL conformance for all chemical products in the inventory and also indicates improvements that can be made. The comprehensive overview, understandable results and helpful guidance provided by a ZDHC InCheck, support facilities to increase their use of sustainable chemistry. 

After an initial pilot and two year learning period we have refined the delivery of this service and improved our technology to drive the ability to scale InCheck reports globally.

What’s new?

Initially, the ZDHC InCheck (now known as ZDHC Performance InCheck) could only be distributed via a subscription on the ZDHC Gateway.  From 9 June 2020, this service will no longer be available and from this date, the ZDHC Performance InCheck service is exclusively delivered by Approved Solution Providers. Suppliers who wish to subscribe to ZDHC Performance InCheck are still required to create a free account on the ZDHC Gateway as the first step and then select their preferred Approved Solution Provider. ZDHC has piloted this service with two Approved Solution Providers - CleanChain and BVe3. 

ZDHC Performance InCheck reports are produced exclusively by ZDHC Gateway and are delivered automatically in PDF format by the Approved Solution Providers who are connected to ZDHC Gateway. 

Why ZDHC Performance InCheck via Approved Solution Providers? 

Simply put, this is necessary to accelerate the roll-out of this valuable tool and offer our Performance InCheck service at a competitive price. To do this, we invite credible third-party solution providers to participate in an approval process and to make our ZDHC Performance InCheck tool part of their service offering.  

All Approved Solution Providers will create a standardised ZDHC Performance InCheck report, generated via the ZDHC Gateway.  This ensures supplier performance is accurately reflected,  independently from the choice of Approved Solution Provider.  Here you find the list of the current Approved Solution Providers. The approval process is open now for applications from additional interested third parties who may qualify to provide this service.

Benefits for Suppliers and Accepted by the ZDHC Brand Community

Performance InCheck helps suppliers to assess and improve their sustainable chemical management. Comprehensive overviews of their chemical inventory are provided, alongside their overall conformance to the ZDHC MRSL. It's all provided in one concise, easy-to-read report. Suppliers can actively track and improve their performance. They can distinguish their organisation from others and build customer loyalty by showing brands their proactive efforts. A ZDHC Performance InCheck is also the first step to becoming a 'Supplier to Zero', where it is possible to join a select group of future-focused industry leaders.

It is important to note that: 

  • all ZDHC Performance InCheck PDF reports are stored in the ZDHC Gateway and accessed easily via the supplier profile.
  • Suppliers with ZDHC Performance InCheck available are flagged on ZDHC Gateway