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ZDHC publishes Leather Wastewater Guidelines Addendum

January 25, 2021

Launch of new Guidelines!

The ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines Addendum were created to expand the scope to include the leather industry, and are an addition to the current ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines Version 1.1. These ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines set a single unified expectation for sampling, testing and reporting of industrial wastewater and sludge resulting from leather processing.  They were developed in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from the leather industry including manufacturers, brands, chemical suppliers and laboratories. 

These ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines must be read in conjunction with ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines Version 1.1 and the instructions given in sections 9.0-16.0 must be followed. Sections 9.0-16.0 apply to textiles and leather. These describe the requirements for sampling, testing and reporting into the ZDHC Gateway, as well as conformance to these Guidelines. The ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines are a list of conventional and Manufacturing Restricted Substances List parameters, and their limits specific to wastewater discharged from leather manufacturing processes. 

“The Wastewater Council, an independent group of specialists that I am privileged to chair, provided oversight to the development of ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines, to ensure that the limits are relevant, stringent and pragmatic in order that the industry can readily engage and demonstrate tangible progress in reducing pollution and the discharge of hazardous substances.” Phil Patterson, ZDHC Wastewater Council Chair.

“Clear guidelines are important to support communication and alignment throughout the supply chain, towards the development of safer processes and products. The commitment from different players in our industry was key in developing the Guidelines, but it is important to keep that engagement, maintaining the relevance of this process.” Fernando Bellese, Chief Sustainability Officer, PrimeAsia Leather Company. 

Download the ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines Addendum here. A webinar explaining the content of the Leather Wastewater Guidelines will be hosted on 10 February, more information here.