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ZDHC Solutions Conference 2023

December 14, 2023

A lively fashion show added excitement and showed off eco-friendly styles, making the event special!

On12th December, we hosted the ZDHC Solutions Conference 2023, alsoknown as the ZDHC East Asia Regional Conference. This hybrid event saw animpressive turnout with around 500 participants, over 300 of whom attended inperson.


Theconference served as a platform to highlight the milestones achieved by ZDHC in2023 and to unveil the upcoming initiatives for 2024. It was a mix of variousformats including speeches, networking exchanges, a catwalk show, interactivesessions, discussions, and an awards ceremony.


Ina special recognition ceremony, 33 ZDHC approved solution providers were honouredwith the title of 'ZDHC Solutions Roadshow Ambassador'. This award was inacknowledgment of their collaborative efforts during the 2023 ZDHC SolutionsRoadshow in the East Asia region and their exceptional performance in engagingthe audience and achieving high satisfaction ratings.


Theevent also celebrated a partnership with 25 ZDHC Signatory Brands and Friendsof ZDHC, who co-hosted ZDHC InConnect events, furthering the support for thesupply chain's commitment to the deeper implementation of the ZDHC Roadmap toZero (RtZ) programme.


Alively fashion show added excitement and showed off eco-friendly styles, makingthe event special. Models graced the runway, showcasing the application ofDMFa-free water-based products across a range of items including clothing,casual and sports footwear, bags, pillows, footballs, and basketballs. Thislive demonstration allowed the audience to appreciate the substantialadvancements in the quality, design, and cost-efficiency of water-basedproducts. It underscored the industry's readiness to embrace the DMFa phase-outcampaign led by ZDHC brands.