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ZDHC welcomes 3 new Contributors

November 14, 2019

An important aspect of our work is to build upon our growing impact in both the chemical and textile industries. By driving fundamental...

Three new additions from the chemical and textile industries as CHT Group, GHCL Ltd and Marzotto Wool Manufacturing join ZDHC’s mission


An important aspect of our work is to build upon our growing impact in both the chemical and textile industries. By driving fundamental change throughout these value chains, we support positive production practices from the earliest stages, so finished products can be safe from inception to completion.

The success of these efforts will be enhanced by the latest additions to our Contributor base. It’s our pleasure to announce specialty chemistry solution provider, CHT Group, as the latest new ZDHC Contributor from the Chemical Industry. We are also delighted to reveal two new, important additions from the textile industry, GHCL Limited and Marzotto Wool Manufacturing have both joined our community as ZDHC Contributors.

It’s a fantastic achievement to have all three of these companies on board. We look forward to working alongside them as we strive towards our joint mission.

Latest additions to ZDHC’s Value Chain Affiliates:

New ZDHC Contributors from the Chemical Industry:

The CHT Group is a global player in specialty chemistry and is active throughout the world in development, production and sales. CHT is focussing on offering products and process solutions to their customers which contribute to a sustainable development. CHT’s textile solutions improve the quality, functionality, appearance and purity of textiles, while optimising their manufacturing processes. A strong sense of responsibility within the CHT Group is reflected in how sustainability is firmly rooted in the group’s company vision.

New ZDHC Contributors from the Textile Industry:

GHCL LIMITED’s Textiles is a completely integrated business. It incorporates spinning, weaving, processing, cutting and sewing. It’s activities centre around the manufacture of sheet sets and duvet covers, all of which are exported globally. The business's core strategy is focussed on sustainability, traceability, innovation and giving back to society.

MARZOTTO WOOL MANUFACTURING is a producer of wool and wool blended fabrics for use in creating apparel. Marzotto Wool Manufacturing is the owner of five well established Italian brands; Marzotto, Estethia/G.B.Conte, Guabello, Marlane and Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino.