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ZDHC’s 2022 Board Election Results

December 20, 2022


2022 Board Election Results 

Three years ago, ZDHC set out to transition the ZDHC Board of Directors to a more diverse and multi-stakeholder representation based on a composition of 7 Brand category seats, 2 Chemical Suppliers category seats and 2 Manufacturer category seats with a final seat for  a candidate from Academia. This composition has finally been achieved following the 2022 Board Elections.

Therefore, we are delighted to share with you the following appointments to the ZDHC Board of Directors following the Board Election and appointment process of 2022.

ZDHC Board members are appointed as individuals and are entrusted with the strategic leadership of the foundation.   

“I´m very pleased to announce that we have completed our transition to a multistakeholder board one year ahead of schedule. We are thrilled to welcome Mark and Mia to the board, whose diverse backgrounds and expertise will be very valuable as we continue to implement our plans for the future. We also congratulate Abhishek on his reelection to the board. With the addition of Mark, Mia, and Abhishek, along with the continued service of our current board members, our board is now well-balanced with a mix of business acumen, industry knowledge, and academic perspectives to support us as we move forward”.  

-Frank Michel, Executive Director, The ZDHC Foundation.

Board Chair

Along with seating new Board members, there has been a change in the role of ZDHC’s Board Chair as well. Manuel Baigorri, who had been a valued member of ZDHC’s Board since 2017, has resigned due to a change in his employment. ZDHC wants to express our sincere gratitude for Manuel's contribution to the organisation and for his dedication to ZDHC’s mission. His expertise and commitment greatly contributed to ZDHC’s success, and ZDHC wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.

In light of Manuel's departure, Francesco Pianca has been elected as the interim Board Chair of the board until the new seating of the Board Committee Chairs are seated in the coming year following commences after the next board election. ZDHC has full confidence in Francesco's leadership during this transition period and look forward to working with him.

Please be reminded that there will be four Brand category seats up for election in the 2023 ZDHC Board Election process, which is expected to start in Q2 of 2023. If you or anyone you know is interested in being considered for a seat on the ZDHC Board of Directors, we encourage you to start thinking about potential nominations.