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Announcing ZDHC’s 2023 Board Election Results

December 14, 2023

Today, we are delighted to share the appointments and reappointments to the ZDHC Board following the election process of 2023.

At ZDHC we drive the Roadmap to Zero Programme to ensure our global value chains achieve the highest standards for sustainable chemical management, driving resource efficiency and circularity.

Our vision is to create a world where better chemistry leads to the protection of life, land, air, and water, and at this critical moment in time, ensuring we achieve this vision has never been more urgent. 

With the urgency for the acceleration of our work gaining pace, it is this in mind that we announced our Board of Directors who are entrusted with steering the strategic direction of the foundation into the future. 

Today, we are delighted to share the appointments and reappointments to the ZDHC Board following the election process of 2023.

We will reappoint Franceso Pianca and Nick Farrar for a second term, warmly welcome the appointment of Nasim Mullen, Joe Little and Wolfgang Schumann, and express our gratitude to the departure of our longest serving Board member, Stefan Seidel, who has been with us since the very first election in 2015. 

ZDHC Board members are appointed as individuals and are entrusted with the strategic leadership of the Stichting ZDHC Foundation.

These appointments result in the full complement of our Board of Directors who comprise: 

Francesco Pianca - Board Chair - Brand Category Seat

Nick Farrar - Board Vice Chair - Brand Category Seat

Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis - Treasurer - Brand Category Seat

Abhishek Bansal - Secretary - Supplier Category Seat

Beatriz Baeza - Brand Category Seat

Mia Gunawan‍ - Brand Category Seat

Nasim Mullen - Brand Category Seat

Joe Little - Brand Category Seat

Sharika Senanyake - Supplier Category Seat

Michael Costello - Chemical Formulator Category Seat

Wolfgang Schumann - Chemical Formulator Category Seat

Dr Mark Sumner - Academia Seat - As we look towards the future, we express our gratitude for our outgoing board member Stefan Seidel whose expertise, leadership and commitment have greatly contributed to ZDHC’s success. 

To our incoming board, we know that the road ahead demands more commitment and action than ever before and a vision to broaden our collective perspective to address the environmental challenges that lie ahead.

Building a sustainable future is an undertaking that demands the cooperation and collaboration of stakeholders across all sectors, and we look forward to working together to achieve success!

“I look forward to helping carry forward the vision recently laid out by the Board of Directors to contribute the unique expertise of ZDHC to further the cause of eliminating the impact of our industry on the health of people and the planet.”
- Nasim Mullen

“The ZDHC community - from the management team, to the contributors - should be proud of the progress we have made. As an initiative that started life over 10 years ago, it is now a prime example of collective action and has successfully gained traction on a global scale. But we can’t stop here. There is more we must do.” 
- Nick Farrar