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ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero second Impact Report is live

June 14, 2023


Our first Impact Report 2019 established the baseline for reporting as it was the first time we had data. Over 2020, our data has become more robust and as we continue to improve our data processes, this trend will continue. 

In this, our second Impact Report, we report on implementation progress and present recent developments within ZDHC and the industry at large.

We welcome the growing awareness in environmental sustainability within the global community of brands, customers and policy makers and progress in the regulatory environment for chemical sustainability such as the new EU legislation on due-diligence and governance in supply chains.

We report on ZDHC’s evolution into a multi-stakeholder organisation; we bring together businesses, civil society, governments, research institutions and non-government organisations to cooperate in the joint engagement and implementation efforts of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme.

We review our Programme implementation in 2020 by evaluating the industries’ efforts in eliminating toxic chemicals from their supply chains and the uptake of the ZDHC Sustainable Chemical Management Framework. Along with the scaling of our tools we also report on improvements and enhancements in our toolbox of chemical management solutions, grounded in manufacturing realities.

We see the deepening engagement and continuing growth in numbers of committed organisations joining our ZDHC community across all major stakeholder categories; Brands, Suppliers and Chemical Suppliers.

We share the progress of our three ZDHC Leader Programmes; Brands to Zero, Supplier to Zero and our forthcoming leader programme for chemical suppliers. They comprise a self-reinforcing mechanism designed to foster an industry-wide momentum towards holistic, sustainable chemical management.

Whilst highlighting our collective impact we also renew, with increased urgency, our call for collaborative action and commitment to safer chemistry to all supply chain partners. Why? In the post-pandemic recovery period, the global fashion market is likely to grow again at an impressive rate, and as it does so, so too will its impact on the environment, from which it is not yet decoupled.

Despite the progress we have made, “Our job is far from done” remains our guiding mantra at ZDHC.

Visit the report to read about our collective positive impact and the road ahead. View interviews, Q&A’s, hear from our contributors, fashion experts and other key industry representatives to learn how they address sustainability and leverage the critical role of chemistry at each step of the value chain. 

Visit Impact Report 2020: https://www.roadmaptozero.com/impact-report-2020